Kamoto Copper 

Kolwezi, Democratic Republic of Congo

An autonomous production of electricity from cogeneration 

Siemens Energy has delivered a state-of-the-art 30 MW steam turbine to Kamoto Copper Company (KCC) for its second sulphuric acid production unit in the town of Kolwezi. Kamoto Copper Company, part of the Glencore group with Gécamines, produces copper and cobalt. The sulphuric acid is a key element in the production process. The installed turbine converts the steam emitted during the fabrication of sulphuric acid to electricity, what makes it more profitable and offers reliable source of electricity to KCC. The Italian EPC DeSmet Ballestra is in charge of the construction of the plant.

Insight from the site

Working alongside this experienced Italian EPC is very pleasant. As no project ever goes smoothly, we learned how to adapt to the reality of the field to always satisfy our client's needs.
Clémence Baijot, Project Manager at Siemens Energy 


  • Find a reliable and stable energy source to make the Kolwezi site less dependent on frequent disruptions of the local electricity grid
  • Make a profitable use of the steam generated during the sulphuric acid fabrication process.


  • Siemens Energy has supplied a 30 MW SST-300 steam turbine to combine heat and electricity generation for the copper and cobalt production process.


  • The turbine provides high quality and sustainable electricity to Kamoto Copper Company.
  • We support cost savings thanks to highly efficient steam turbine which recover the exhaust steam from the production process of sulfuric acid.
  • The company will reduce its dependency from the local grid and its instabilities.