Reliable power generation for Thailand

Our SGT-800 gas turbine provides higher efficiency for the cogeneration power plant in Rayong, Thailand

Central Utility Plant 4 (CUP 4) is a cogeneration power plant that uses natural gas as the main fuel. It distributes power, steam, to industrial customers primarily. The gas fuelled plant will provide electricity and steam to industrial users in Hemaraj Eastern Industrial Estate in Thailand.


The industrial estate in the Rayong district is a 25 km² industrial park on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand in eastern Thailand. It has been designated by the Thai government in the development plan for the east coast region since 1981 as a center of petrochemical and heavy industry. A deep sea port was completed in 1992. By 2006, over 100 factories had settled in the former fishing village of Map Ta Phut.


Our gas turbine SGT-800, in commercial operation since Sep 20219 at GPSC’s cogeneration plant CUP4, has now reached the milestone of 12,000 operating hours. This is currently the highest rated SGT-800 on the market.


The cogeneration plant uses natural gas as the main fuel and distributes power and steam to industrial customers primarily. The plant is designed to provide 45MW of electricity and up to 140t/h steam.




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The SGT-800 is suitable for the following applications and industries:


More than 370 SGT-800 units sold worldwide: reference highlights

A strong performer with excellent flexibility and reliability, the SGT-800 is popular all over the world. With a proven, long-term record of successful installations, it is an excellent choice for both industrial power generation and oil and gas applications.

Setting sail to efficient floating power

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