Decarbonizing Asia Pacific

Decarbonizing energy one step at a time

Decarbonizing energy one step at a time

2011-2020 was the warmest decade on record. As temperatures continue to rise and create major environmental impacts, the world must take action to address this climate crisis. Decarbonization literally means “the reduction of carbon,” in which the use of fossil fuels is ceased so there can ultimately be “net zero” carbon emissions.


Global energy demand is on an upward trend, with Asia Pacific alone accounting for more than half of global energy consumption. There is a global consensus that net zero must be achieved by 2050 to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C, beyond which negative environmental impacts will no longer be manageable.

How can we continue to energize Asia Pacific while reducing emissions?

Quite simply, through incremental steps. Decarbonization takes time, it is not an overnight shift. By working together and sharing the same goals, Siemens Energy will help our customers to decarbonize their operations.


The three main principles we must adhere to:

  1. Everyone must do their part – Every single individual in all segments of society has a role to play. Everyone must work together towards in the same direction and goal.
  2. A wide variety of technologies and solutions are needed – There is no singular technological “magic bullet” that will deliver total decarbonization. Instead, a wide variety of technologies and technical solutions are required. That includes everything from nuclear energy to natural gas, from hydrogen to carbon capture and battery storage, and from wind and solar to biomass power.
  3. Government incentives are essential – Governments have a particularly large and central role in galvanizing all players, especially through taxation and related financial incentives.


Decarbonize Asia Pacific

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