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Fleet efficiency

Cost efficient

Cost-cutting alternative to power from grid

Combined heat and power generation reduces energy cost by up to 30%, as it utilizes the energy to also provide electricity in a highly efficient way

Modernizations improve efficiency and product life

Sell overcapacity to the grid

Turn available waste heat and steam into power

Replace only what’s necessary (Brownfield exchange option)

Fleet efficiency

Reliable supply 24/7

Full control over the power supply

Reliable and flexible supply of energy

Back-up power option with a short start-up time

Fast track power solutions in case of natural disaster and blackout

Availability up to 99.995% including service intervals

Tests, repairs and refurbish programs

Fleet efficiency

Future-proof and flexible

Fuel flexibility given already by today; easy to adopt to fuels of the future (e.g. e-hydrogen, e-methane, e-methanol, e-diesel)

Development with the needs of the enterprise - with product lifecycle services, remote diagnostics, upgrades, revamps, or brownfield exchange

Broad flexibilitiy in fuels, operating conditions, maintenance concepts, package solutions, and ratings

Fleet efficiency

Meet sustainability targets

Stabilization of fluctuating power from renewables

Affordable approach for decarbonizing energy systems

Up to 50% CO₂ reduction by shifting coal-based to gas-based power supply

Up to 90% efficiency with combined heat and power

No lock-in effect; easily upgraded for fossil-free fuels when available

Fuel flexibility option available in our gas turbines; 100% hydrogen capability until 2030

Fleet efficiency

Tailored plug&play

Standardized, well-proven solutions tailored to different industry needs

Adaptable and fuel-flexible system, including back-up power or energy storage

Brownfield exchange

Single-lift option for limited space requirements

Complete plug and play power solution when there’s no land available (e.g. Seafloat)