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Fleet efficiency


Converting renewable power electro- chemically into higher value products.

  • Power to hydrogen
  • Hydrogen storage offshore
  • E-Fuels
  • Energy transport
Fleet efficiency

Energy Storage

The conversion of electrical energy into a form in which it can be stored until converted back.

  • Thermal storage
  • Batteries
Fleet efficiency

Resilient Grid and Reliability

Using various technologies to enable more efficient electricity networks – especially with large amounts of volatile energy.

  • Intelligent products
  • Improved sensing
  • Power electronics
  • Power system management
Fleet efficiency

Decarbonized Heat & Industrial Processes

Improving the generation from heat with substantial reduction toward zero or negative emission of greenhouse gases.

  • Heat pumps
  • Fuel cells
  • Waste heat recovery
  • Optimization of Industrial Processes
Fleet efficiency

Condition-based Service Interventions

Using digital advancements to expand our service offerings and increase customer value.

  • AI / Machine learning
  • Connectivity
  • Cyber to Physical (e.g. AM and robotics)
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Big data / analytics