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Fleet efficiency

How can I best focus on my core business?

Cooperation with Siemens Energy as a true partner allows you to maintain a lean and agile organization that concentrates on what's important.

Fleet efficiency

How can I manage technical risks?

Customers with a service agreement are kept informed by Siemens Energy about product improvements, developed out of our fleet experience.

Fleet efficiency

It's hard to get qualified labor. How to ensure safe plant operation in times of skilled manpower shortage?

Remote Operation and Maintenance Services (ROMS) allow you to operate and maintain your plant with significantly less personnel.
Unmanned operation is even possible, depending on the plant type and location.

Fleet efficiency

How can I adapt my business model to the latest changes in market and industry technology?

Take advantage of the digital transformation benefits with digital services from the Omnivise portfolio. Our Total Asset Management services (TAM) combine the latest market insights with technology domain knowledge.
This allows us to optimize equipment operation to the latest market scenarios.