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Siemens Energy in Egypt

Siemens Energy is a strategic partner to Egypt in the energy sector, combining conventional and renewable technologies with digitalization to support Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Transmission. Siemens has been operational in Egypt ever since the company’s founder, Werner von Siemens, laid a communications cable through the Red Sea in 1859, linking Suez and Aden. In 1901 Siemens opened its first office in Cairo marking 120 years of presence in the country. Siemens has been a key contributor to critical infrastructure in the country ever since. Most notably, Siemens was responsible for the recent ‘Egypt Megaproject’, which saw the company construct the three largest combined-cycle power plants in the world to strengthen the country’s power sector. Supplying power to more than 40 million Egyptians, the three power plants were completed in record time, adding 14.4 gigawatts of electricity to the national grid in under 28 months and boosting the country’s power generation capacity by over 40%. To date, approximately 50 percent of the power transmission network in Egypt is built using Siemens Energy technology.

Boosting Egypt’s energy system in record time.


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