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Europe Energy Week

15th – 17th June, 2021

Europe Energy Week is a three day virtual conference which will connect regional energy businesses, market leaders, policy makers and government representatives to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the energy sector in Europe.

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How can we harness our collective energy?


As a company, we must ignite a spark in our people. Our employees must feel valued and trusted, and be in an environment where can bring their full selves to work every day. While innovative technology is essential in these times of change, it’s our empowered, diverse workforce that makes the difference.

Tonya, Global Head of Training

Learn how Siemens Energy supports equality and belonging


What if business success makes society profit too?


Solutions and technologies not only increase profitability and growth but can also lead to social transformation and improve the quality of life. Our commitment to energizing society is what makes our brand relevant, and what makes us a good partner to our customers and our global community.

Stephanie, Customer Experience Manager

Know more about how passion and innovation can have a big impact

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Want to add “energy transformation” to your resume?


Every day, I work to create strategies that will help our customers through their decarbonization journey. As a mother of two, this work is fulfilling because I want a cleaner planet for the future. I want my children to know that through hard work, compassion, creativity, and innovation, they can be part of shaping a more sustainable world too.

Melanie, Strategy Manager

At Siemens Energy, you can help lead the energy transformation


Can today’s decisions change tomorrow’s energy?


Climate change and the lack of access to power are challenges that don’t wait for us to get prepared. They are already here… and we need to respond now. At Siemens Energy, we have the courage to envision a sustainable energy future. It is time for bold commitments.

Julian, Head of Project Management Office

Learn how our portfolio helps our customers bridge the energy divide, while transitioning to a low-carbon energy system

Siemens Energy Employee
Siemens Energy Employees

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