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Supergrid: powerful connections for a greener tomorrow

In the future, supergrids will have to bring green energy from where it is generated or in surplus to where it is needed or lacking. Honestly, the technology is not the issue. Projects like ElecLink, which connects the French and British power grids, already show today how power links could solve the decarbonization puzzle.

Abe and Anna are speaking about inclusion and diversity at business

It’s an everyday occurrence that people are treated less favorably and are discriminated against due to their ethnic origin, gender, religion or ideology, disability, age, or sexual identity. This has to change.

Siemens Energy Employee
Siemens Energy Employee

Our people make the difference. They connect, create, and keep us on track toward changing the world’s energy systems. Learn more about a career with Siemens Energy, and how you can make tomorrow different, today.

Siemens Energy Employee
Siemens Energy Employees

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