Energy transition on the horizon

Decarbonizing energy one step at a time



Power sector decarbonization

The world is hungry for energy, and climate change calls for lower emissions. Power generation companies take on both challenges while running their daily operations.


These are demanding times. The companies need innovative solutions to succeed, plus individual solutions that adapt to their decarbonization strategies.




Decarbonization solutions on the radar

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We adapt to new realities and seize emerging opportunities. But decarbonization takes time. It’s not an overnight shift. We are pragmatic and thorough. Our approach is holistic and step by step.  


We improve the efficiency of existing energy assets. We upgrade and modernize wherever possible. The transition away from conventional fuels comes next. We move from coal to gas and then to hybrid systems and cleaner fuels, such as hydrogen.


This is how Siemens Energy leads the way to a deeply decarbonized world. This is how we support governments, utilities, and industry to a transformed system of energy. 

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Testing the big one – Insights into test sites of HL-class gas turbines

Efficiency, flexibility and hydrogen capability are key levers in driving the decarbonization of the energy industry – which also makes the HL-class a future-proof gas turbine. Get exclusive insights into HL-technology – close to reality at the Duke Energy’s Lincoln Combustion Turbine Station, a key testing facility for Siemens Energy’s largest HL-class gas turbine and be part of the virtual tour.

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Decarbonizing energy systems - step by step

At Siemens Energy, we share the decarbonization goals of our partners. Together, we push the boundaries of conventional and renewable energy systems. We combat climate change and meet the world’s demand for reliable and affordable energy. 

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2nd World Hydrogen Summit 2021

Listen to our expert: Hydrogen Opportunities arising from Industrial Applications

Hydrogen is one of the most important future technologies to reduce greenhouse gases and drive climate change, especially in industrial applications. But how exactly will the change take place? Do we need to replace fossil fuels with clean hydrogen immediately? What support do industries need from policymakers to successfully implement this change? These and other questions were explored at the World Hydrogen Summit. 

Watch the whole panel discussion here:
Video World Hydrogen Summit 2021

Partner of the energy transition

Siemens Energy will shape the future of energy systems. We want to be climate neutral. And we want to gradually decarbonize our portfolio.


We already support our customers on their path towards decarbonization. Efficient, reliable technologies, and service solutions that reduce emissions and costs: Siemens Energy is here to transform the world of energy.


Let’s get to work and make real what matters. Let’s energize society with our unique portfolio. Fuel-flexible and hydrogen-ready gas turbines. Combined cycle plants. Hybrid power and energy storage. Power-to-x and sector coupling. We have what it takes to decarbonize society. 

Bioenergy – Covering By-Product Biomass Waste into Value

Industries producing a large amount of process (biomass) waste are finding that they can convert it into carbon-neutral energy to power their facilities or sell into the grid for additional revenue. 

We are setting the pace

  • Our gas turbines are a sustainable investment. They can run on hydrogen. By 2030, we want to increase the fuel-mix percentage of hydrogen to 100.  
  • Our transmission technologies will cut energy losses of up to 50 percent in high voltage DC. We offer SF6-free products that reduce the world’s most potent greenhouse gas emissions.
  • We bolster our portfolio of renewable energies and innovate for the future. Our electrolysis portfolio will shape the emerging hydrogen market.
  • We devise Energy Roadmaps with our customers to modernize infrastructures and construct new facilities. We provide complete energy systems.    

Latest use cases

Cover of the WEC German report

Download the WEC Germany report on Pathways to Climate Neutrality

The new WEC Germany report highlights actions of countries and

companies to fight climate change and shows measures to reduce

greenhouse gas emissions.

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