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CIGRE Paris Session 2022, August 28 – September 02, 2022 I Booth 364

Siemens Energy at CIGRE 2022

Honestly, we need to talk! 

The CIGRE is back, and so are we – and honestly, we need to talk. The energy transformation requires all of us to face some uncomfortable truths. We're at CIGRE to discuss them with you. Register here to get your free ticket and visit us at Booth 364. 

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A greener grid needs every detail

Meeting the growing global energy demand while transitioning to a more sustainable world is the biggest challenge for the energy industry. Digitalization, decarbonization, and grid stability are the keys to making the transformation of the energy sector happen. But honestly, we can't do it alone. Our combined efforts are required to successfully drive the transformation to the greener grids of tomorrow. 


At this year’s CIGRE Paris Session we participate intensively with many short contributions in the committee group discussion meeting and showcase how our reliable and innovative products, solutions, and services can help you make a difference and play your role in the energy transition. Our experts will also share their insights in paper presentations, panels, and other contributions. We're looking forward to talking with you, about how we can work together to build a green and digitalized grid for the future. 


Our highlight activities at CIGRE

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  • Mr. Tim Holt, Member of the Executive Board at Siemens Energy
  • Dr. Gerhard Salge, CTO of Hitachi Energy
  • Mr. Christophe Preve, CTO of Schneider Electric, Chief Technical Officer, Medium Voltage Offers LoB, Power Systems Division

Experience with CO2 free Generator Operation

Uwe Eickelbeck, Siemens Energy 

Impact of Transient Voltage Generated by Valve Commutation on HVDC Transformer 

Dr. Rene Wimmer, Siemens Energy

Thomas Hammer, Siemens Energy

Thomas Manthe, Siemens Energy

Volker Hussennether, Siemens Energy

Marcus Häusler, Siemens Energy

ZhuSheng Chi, Siemens Energy

Ruan Wei, Siemens Energy

Thomas Strof, Machinenfabrik Reinhausen

Sebastian Rehkopf, Machinenfabrik Reinhausen

Moritz Bengler, Machinenfabrik Reinhausen

Anniyappan Palani, Machinenfabrik Reinhausen


Design of innovative resilient transformers for maximum operating flexibility

Radosław Szewczyk, DuPont

Jean-Claude Duart, DuPont

Anastasia O’Malley, Consolidated Edison Co. of NY

Kurt Kaineder, Siemens Energy

Robert Mayer, Siemens Energy

Ewald Schweiger, Siemens Energy 



Testing Challenges with Ester Insulating Liquids

Ivanka Hoehlein, Siemens Energy

Carolin Schuett, Siemens Energy



High Voltage Bushings For Transformers And Shunt Reactors Considering Local Conditions – Brazilian Transmission Network Case

S. Montenegro, CHESF

N. Viveiros, Siemens Energy

Y. Nomi, Hitachi-ABB

R. Asano, UFABC


Qualification test for power transformers GIC capability

Mohamed Ryadi, EDF

Paul Poujade, EDF

Damien Bortolotti, EDF

Olivier Moreau, EDF

Jean-Thibaut Montavont, EDF

Etienne Alvado, EDF

Johannes Raith, Siemens Energy

Gerald Leber, Siemens Energy

Martin Stoessl, Siemens Energy


Evaluation and Implementation of HV Dry-Type Shunt Reactors into a 420kV Transmission Grid

Peter Dopplmair, Trench Group

Peter Venediger, TenneT

Klaus Pointner, Trench Group



Mobile Fault Current Limiting and Load Flow Reactor for 220kV

Klaus Pointner, Trench Group

Victor J. Hernandes Jimenez, RED Eléctrica de España

Taneli Monni, Trench Group

Peter Dopplmair, Trench Group

Klaus Reisenberger, Trench Group

Feasibility Tests of a 320 kV Gas-insulated DC Switchgear with Clean Air

Karsten Juhre, Siemens Energy

Maria Kosse, Siemens Energy
Christoph Kelin, Siemens Energy

Ronald Plath, Technische Universität Berlin



First F-gas-free and climate neutral insulated 420 kV GIS busducts installation at TransnetBW

Mark Kuschel, Siemens Energy

Laurentiu Viorel Badicu, TransnetBW

Jochen Christian, Transnet BW

Mario Kieper, Siemens Energy

Kerstin Kunde, Siemens Energy

Udo Prucker, Siemens Energy

Jörg Riedl, Siemens Energy



New approach for the on-site calibration of a LPIT in GIS and lessons learned 

Laurent-Didier Roux, RTE France

Gerard Charot, Siemens

Franz-Werner Gatzen, Siemens

Wojciech Olszewski, Siemens Energy



Test, Installation and Operational Experiences of World’s First Substation Integrating Digital, Intelligent and Greenhouse-Gas free T&D Equipment  

Dirk Helbig, Siemens Energy

Matthias Heinecke, Siemens Energy

Mark Kuschel, Siemens Energy

Peter Menke, Siemens Energy

Richard Schulz, Siemens Energy

Puneet Singh, Siemens Energy

Marcel Engel, Netze BW

Fred Oechsle, Netze BW

Concepts for considering environmental needs and personal safety for substation design and increase the resilience of the grid

Martin Stoessl, Siemens Energy

Ewald Schweiger, Siemens Energy

Dirk Helbig, Siemens Energy

Oliver Dohnke, Siemens Energy

Practical Approach to Brownfield compact secondary Substations using the Internet-of-Energy (IoE) for Data-Driven Maintenance and Asset Management

Sanna Häsä, Siemens Oy

Iiris Rauhalammi, Caruna Networks Oy

Shyam Musunuri, Siemens AG

Bruno Jorge de Oliveira Sousa, Siemens Energy AS

Martin Davidsen Kirkegaard, Siemens A/S 

Tony Mäntypuro, Caruna Networks Oy

DC Fault Recovery Capability of the Pugalur-Thrissur HVDC Project

Thomas Westerweller, Siemens Energy

Arne Friese, Siemens Energy

John Strauss, Siemens Energy



Methods and requirements for the upgrade of HVDC and STATCOM solutions with Grid Forming functions for Multi-level converter topologies

S M Iftekharul Huq, Siemens Energy

Andre Schoen, Siemens Energy

Rodrigo Alonso Alvarey Velenzuela, Siemens Energy

Błażej Strong, Siemens Energy

Sebastian Schneider, Siemens Energy

Robert Renner, Siemens Energy

Anna Soergel, Siemens Energy



Refurbishment of India’s Oldest HVDC Link, 500 MW Vindhyachal HVDC back-to-back system - Refurbishment Concept Planning and Strategies

Anurag Sapra, Siemens Energy

Nileshwer, Siemens Energy

Ankit Dhagat, Siemens Energy

Rajat Bhandari, Siemens Energy

Karikalan M, Siemens Energy

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Topic: SF6 alternatives for transmission and distribution substations and their switchgear

Transition to Climate Neutral, Safe and Sustainable Power Grids - Benefits for Society, Grid Operators and Manufacturers

Dirk Helbig, Siemens Energy

Shibani Bose, Siemens Energy

Peter Gronbach, Siemens Energy

Karsten Juhre, Siemens Energy

Mark Kuschel, Siemens Energy

Requirements, design principles and testing experience with composite voltages on a ±550 kV HVDC GIS voltage divider

Maria Kosse, Siemens Energy

Erik Sperling, Omicron Electronics GmbH



Compatibility of Transformer Materials with Insulating Liquids

Ivanka Atanasova-Hoehlein, Siemens Energy

Veronika Haramija, Koncar - Electrical Engineering Institute

Dijana Vrsaljko, Koncar - Electrical Engineering Institute 



Investigations on the long-term performance of Fluoronitrile-containing gas mixtures in gas-insulated systems

Karsten Juhre, Siemens Energy

Hansgeorg Haupt, TU Darmstadt

Florian Kessler, Siemens Energy

Felix Goll, Siemens Energy

Investigation of the Switching Behaviour, Voltage Distribution and Post-Arc Current of series-connected Vacuum Interrupter Units for Live Tank and Dead Tank Circuit Breakers ≥ 420 kV

Tobias Goebels, Siemens Energy

Paul Gregor Nikolic, Siemens Energy

Radu-Marian Cernat, Siemens Energy

Jan Weisker, Siemens Energy

Stefan Giere, Siemens Energy


Experience with F-gas-free High voltage products for On- and Offshore applications

Peter Gronbach, Siemens Energy

Kevin Butter, Scottish Power Energy Networks

Abhishek Sarkar, Siemens Energy

Ann-Sofie Mortensen, Siemens Energy

David Collard, Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy

Udo Prucker, Trench Group

Marcel Kasner, Amprion



Instrument Transformers and bushings using alternative and eco-friendly high voltage insulation systems

Lorenzo Giovanelli, Trench Group

Udo Prucker, Trench Group

Esseddik Ferdjallah Kherkhachi, Trench Group

Black-Start Network Restoration using Offshore Wind Power with AC cables

Leonel Noris Martínez*, TenneT TSO 

Abdul Wahab Korai, Siemens Energy

Victor García Suárez, DNV Energy Systems

Huub Pustjens, DNV Energy Systems

Volodymyr Kalashnikov, DNV Energy Systems

Matthias Mueller-Mienack, DNV Energy Systems


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Honestly, we can't do it alone: The energy transformation requires all of us to face some uncomfortable truths. We're at CIGRE and looking forward to talking with you on how we can work together to build a green and digitalized grid for the future.


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Honestly, we need to talk!

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