Day 1 - Accelerating the Energy Transition: Now is the Time


Climate Change and Energy Transition in Asia Pacific – The Growing Urgency to Decarbonize

With no other region in the world as exposed to the impact of climate change as Asia Pacific, how will governments and large companies walk the tightrope of sustainable electrification to achieve their climate targets and create livable cities? We take stock of areas which countries urgently need to improve for a low-carbon future.

Fall of Coal and Rise of Renewables – Satisfying the Region’s Appetite for Energy

The coal exodus has countries and organizations scrambling to remove soot stains from their portfolios. Still, coal remains a mainstay in Asia Pacific, home to some of the largest carbon emitters. How has the face of generation changed across the region to reflect not only the growth in renewable capacity, but the phase-out of coal? 

The Geopolitics of Energy – What the Future Holds

As countries in the highly diverse Asia Pacific shift from an individual to a collaborative energy transition, how will changing energy relations impact countries' efforts to decarbonize? As the next 10 years promises to reshape the region, we examine the changes and challenges countries must anticipate to face the energy transition head on.

Building A New Paradigm for Hydrocarbon in A Decarbonized World

The need for speed is mounting as the pressures faced by the hydrocarbon industry point to the same end goal: building a smarter, more efficient, and sustainable way of operating. What major risks and challenges lie in the journey ahead for hydrocarbon? Which key strategies are pivotal in the roadmap to net-zero? 

Day 2 - Designing Our Way Forward to the Sustainable Future

Electric Grid of the Future – Connecting it all !

Grid operators are faced with new challenges as more countries embrace renewables to honor climate change commitments. Increased demand together with decentralized generation adds to grid complexity. This session explores how intelligent interconnected grids can transport energy across countries, improving access, increasing grid stability, enhancing grid resilience and augmenting regional energy security.

Driving the Hydrogen Revolution in Asia – From Hope to Reality

Still in its pilot phase, how do we know the H2 revolution is here to stay? In this session, we look at how hydrogen has decisively taken up its place on the global stage as a clean, alternative energy source. The challenges of producing hydrogen at scale in Asia Pacific involve potentially critical regulatory regimes and project development issues. 

Power of Innovation and Technology - Accelerating the Decarbonization Goals in Asia Pacific

Today we stand firmly in the driver’s seat, equipped with the 3Ds to make a zero-carbon world a reality: decarbonization, digitalization and decentralization. With a focus on decarbonization, we examine up and coming areas which will be instrumental in expediting net-zero targets. 

Forging A Path for Sustainable Energy Financing

Affordability and long-term viability are prime concerns when it comes to scaling up decarbonization across sectors. How can we then make the commitment to sustainability as a long-term, incremental effort? This panel aims to investigate how countries and financial institutions must move away from energy financing as stopgap measure to boost recovery. 


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