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What is Europe's role in the energy transition?

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Welcome to Europe Energy Talks, a series of events joining energy leaders from all over Europe to tackle the tough challenges the entire energy industry is facing today. The energy transformation requires all of us to face some uncomfortable truths. Join us to talk about them! 

Energy Talks

What are Energy Talks?

Europe Energy Talks are a series of hybrid and virtual events, taking place in different parts of Europe throughout 2022, with a different focus on Energy Transition. The events will focus on how to tackle the tough challenges the entire energy industry is facing today. They will continue the dialogue started at the Europe Energy Week 2021 asking questions about how we can meet the growing demand for electricity and protect our climate at the same time; how we can build new energy systems across the globe and combat climate change by making sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy possible and look at what Europe’s role is in this transformation.

Why attend?

"We need to transform the energy system in a volatile world and ensure it is sustainable, reliable and affordable. European companies are at the forefront of environmental and resource-efficient production. But the holistic energy transition is possible only in co-operation with partners. Therefore, our Europe Energy Talks bring key industry players and decision-makers together to discuss and take action how to tackle the challenges on the way to a more sustainable and decarbonized world. "
Ariel Porat, Senior Vice President, Head of Hub Europe

Join our first Europe Energy Talks

Connect with leaders from the energy sector in Europe for focused discussions on tackling the tough challenges the entire energy industry is facing today.


At our very first Europe Energy Talks on 31 August, we will be discussing “Decarbonization of the North Sea for a successful Energy Transition”.  



Europe Energy Talks, 31 August (Norway)

Decarbonization of the North Sea for a successful Energy Transition

Wednesday 31 August 17:30 CET


Siemens Energy and partners are joining forces to host the first Europe Energy Talks which will focus on “Decarbonization of the North Sea for successful Energy Transition”. 


We will discuss the regional challenges and opportunities facing the North Sea and marine sector in the journey of evolution and transformation towards decarbonized world. The North Sea’s offshore platforms, oil rigs, infrastructure, ports facilities and industrial clusters, as well as marine transport, need urgent transformation. We need to revolutionize the energy consumption and supply to drastically cut emissions, besides saving efficiency and maintenance costs.


The North Sea is in pole position to play a globally leading role in the energy transformation. For decades, the North Sea has had a key role in supplying energy to Europe through its oil and gas fields. Now it can help us deliver net zero, by modernizing existing assets, becoming a test bed for new technology and by enabling a new level of connectivity between European countries. The North Sea has significant potential and particular geological characteristics that we can exploit in our drive to clean up energy. Shallow waters and raging winds make it one of the best locations for offshore wind, and the geology that kept natural gas in place for millions of years is the perfect place to bury carbon dioxide. There are, of course, challenges. The windiness of the North Sea means it has some of the harshest weather. Seabed conditions and tides create difficult infrastructure issues meaning energy systems need a robust and sophisticated operation.  However, the potential is enormous. Overcoming these obstacles could see the North Sea become a beacon for change, showcasing how to deliver complex energy transition technology in difficult conditions. If an interconnected, low-carbon energy system can be developed in the North Sea, then technically it can be delivered anywhere!


Moderator: Liv Monica Stubbholt

Partner/Lawyer, Advokatfirmaet Selmer AS


Christian Bruch

CEO, Siemens Energy


Thorbjörn Fors

Executive Vice President Industrial Applications Division, Siemens Energy


Bjørn Einar Brath

General Manager - Norway, Siemens Energy


Elisabeth Birkeland Kvalheim

Acting EVP  - Technology Digital and Innovation TDI, Equinor


Per Lund

CEO, Odfjell Ocean Wind


Erling Ronglan

CEO, Ocean-Power AS


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