Fiber Industry Web-Conference

We energize the global Fiber Industry May 19th, 2021 | 8:00 – 17:00, CEST

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Fiber Industry Web-Conference

How we energize the global Fiber industry with power, innovations, projects and people

Dear Customers, Partners and Colleagues, please join our global virtual “Fiber Industry Web-Conference” on May 19th, 2021 from 8:00 – 17:00 CEST. Let’s share experiences, discuss future developments and get insights how Siemens Energy Fiber Industry supports your journey!


Duration: 0:10 h


Confirmed speakers:

  • Siemens Energy, Thorbjörn Fors (CEO SE Industrial Applications)
  • Siemens Energy, Jan Kabus (VP Fiber Industry)


Local time:   

09:00 EEST (Helsinki, Finland)

09:00 MSK (Moskau, Russia)

13:00 WIB (Jakarta, Indonesia)

14:00 CNST (Beijing, PR China)

03:00 BRT (São Paulo, Brazil)

02:00 EDT (Atlanta, GA, USA)

01:00 CDT (Chicago, IL, USA)

The wood-fiber-based industry is already more sustainable, non-fossil and circular than others. Nevertheless pulp and paper production is not yet fossil-free but investors expect it to be latest by 2050. What are the technical, commercial and political frame conditions to achieve that target in our energy-intense Pulp & Paper industry? And, which future consequences need to be considered in todays investment decisions? Be curious about industry leaders evaluation and prediction of future developments.


Duration: 1:30 h


Confirmed speakers:

  • Mondi, Lars Mallasch (Group Technical & Sustainability Director)
  • Voith Paper, Andreas Endters (CEO Group Division Paper)
  • April Group, Praveen Singhavi (President)
  • Siemens Energy, Jan Kabus (VP Fiber Industry)


Local time:   

09:10 EEST (Helsinki, Finland)

09:10 MSK (Moskau, Russia)

13:10 WIB (Jakarta, Indonesia)

14:10 CNST (Beijing, PR China)

03:10 BRT (São Paulo, Brazil)

02:10 EDT (Atlanta, GA, USA)

01:10 CDT (Chicago, IL, USA)

Bio based products like bio chemicals, textile fibers, green fuels and power generation are further increasing the sustainability of our industry. Let’s have look at market trends, project examples and discuss with first market movers.


Duration: 1:20 h


Confirmed speakers:

  • CEPI, PhD Annita Westenbroek (Energy Innovations Manager)
  • UPM, Dr. Michael Duetsch (Vice President Biochemicals Business)
  • AFRY, Nicholas Oksanen (Executive Vice President)
  • Siemens Energy, Sven Bonkowski


Local time:   

10:45 EEST (Helsinki, Finland)

10:45 MSK (Moskau, Russia)

14:45 WIB (Jakarta, Indonesia)

15:45 CNST (Beijing, PR China)

04:45 BRT (São Paulo, Brazil)

03:45 EDT (Atlanta, GA, USA)

02:45 CDT (Chicago, IL, USA)

A paradigm shift from fossil fuels to green fuels produced from renewable energy. This opens up new opportunities to reduce your carbon footprint and generates new market opportunities. Let’s discuss how we can make the green Fiber Industry even more sustainable – by transforming biogenic CO2 into valuable green fuels.


Duration: 1:20 h


Confirmed speakers:

  • HTW University Berlin, Prof. Dr. Asnakech Laß-Seyoum (Professor)
  • Liquid Wind, Claes Fredriksson (CEO & Founder)
  • Siemens Energy, Christian Plume
  • Siemens Energy, Cornelia Rahner
  • Siemens Energy, Alexander Thiehove
  • Siemens Energy, Engelbert Schrapp


Local time:   

12:10 EEST (Helsinki, Finland)

12:10 MSK (Moskau, Russia)

16:10 WIB (Jakarta, Indonesia)

17:10 CNST (Beijing, PR China)

06:10 BRT (São Paulo, Brazil)

05:10 EDT (Atlanta, GA, USA)

04:10 CDT (Chicago, IL, USA)

Today’s fiber industry installations are complex and intensive CAPEX/OPEX operations. Often such mills supply steam and electricity to the grid and surrounding consumers. Uptime, energy efficiency and constant product quality using volatile feedstocks are today’s main operational challenges. Let’s share insights how digital solutions and process expertise ensure success in power generation and process automation on an unified platform.


Duration: 1:20 h


Confirmed speakers:

  • Siemens Energy, Peter Staudenmaier
  • Siemens Energy, Andreas Beck
  • Siemens Energy, Thomas Ludwigs


Local time:   

14:00 EEST (Helsinki, Finland)

14:00 MSK (Moskau, Russia)

18:00 WIB (Jakarta, Indonesia)

19:00 CNST (Beijing, PR China)

08:00 BRT (São Paulo, Brazil)

07:00 EDT (Atlanta, GA, USA)

06:00 CDT (Chicago, IL, USA)

Every year, hundreds of SIPAPER solutions are realized in almost 30 countries in the world. Our experts give insights into their latest developments for Electrification, Automation, Digitalization in Fiber industry and share how they were implemented in international projects.


Duration: 1:20 h


Confirmed speakers:

  • AS Drives & Services, Martin Brügmann (Sales Director)
  • Siemens Energy, Gerd Michaelis
  • Siemens Energy, Julia Missel
  • Siemens Energy, Sven De Munck
  • Siemens Energy, Andreas Beck
  • Siemens Energy, Dr. Hermann Schwarz
  • Siemens Energy, Tatiana Vasquez Rivas
  • Siemens Energy, Jürgen Mielke


Local time:

15:25 EEST (Helsinki, Finland)

15:25 MSK (Moskau, Russia)

19:25 WIB (Jakarta, Indonesia)

20:25 CNST (Beijing, PR China)

09:25 BRT (São Paulo, Brazil)

08:25 EDT (Atlanta, GA, USA)

07:25 CDT (Chicago, IL, USA)

Siemens Energy covers industrial power generation such as industrial steam- and gas-turbines, power distribution and close to the process power conversion such as sectional drives for Tissue, Board and Pulp mills. This is being complimented with sustainable energy systems for waste2power, combined-heat-cycle or various power storage solutions.


Duration: 1:00 h


Confirmed speakers:

  • Lenzing, Hans Gröstlinger (Technical Director Pulp & Wood)
  • Billerud Korsnäs, Göran Korsfeldt (Project Manager)
  • Toscotec, Giancarlo Floris (Site Manager)
  • Siemens Energy, Harald Worsch
  • Siemens Energy, Walter Gomes
  • Siemens Energy, Andreas Heilmann


Local time:   

16:50 EEST (Helsinki, Finland)

16:50 MSK (Moskau, Russia)

20:50 WIB (Jakarta, Indonesia)

21:50 CNST (Beijing, PR China)

10:50 BRT (São Paulo, Brazil)

09:50 EDT (Atlanta, GA, USA)

08:50 CDT (Chicago, IL, USA)

Duration: 0:10 h


Confirmed speakers:

  • Siemens Energy, Jan Kabus (VP Fiber Industry)
  • Siemens Energy, Jennifer Hooper (Senior VP SE Industrial Applications Solutions)


Local time:

17:50 EEST (Helsinki, Finland)

17:50 MSK (Moskau, Russia)

21:50 WIB (Jakarta, Indonesia)

22:50 CNST (Beijing, PR China)

11:50 BRT (São Paulo, Brazil)

10:50 EDT (Atlanta, GA, USA)

09:50 CDT (Chicago, IL, USA)

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