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Meet our experts live in Stavanger (Norway), Aug 29th to Sept 1st 
Offshore grid connection

Offshore wind

The contributions to more carbon-neutral energy take place in remote areas often hundreds or even thousands of kilometers away from the centers of consumption. Effective solutions are vital to connecting all distributed power generation sources to the grid to make electricity available where it is really needed.
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Wed, Aug 31st, 09:45 am

Electrification of Offshore Plattforms

Bernd Niemann talks about solutions for the electrification from shore


Reducing carbon emissions is a major topic in the energy sector. This trend also applies to offshore oil and gas production platforms. Here the power usually is provided by gas turbines and therefore contributing to carbon emissions. To reduce or even completely avoid these emissions an electrification from shore is a suitable solution and has been realized already. Green power from shore will be transferred via submarine cables to the offshore platform. 

About ONS

The biennial ONS event was started in 1974 as a key meeting place for the energy industry around the northern sea. Continuously developing, ONS today represents a series of activities around the world. During the ONS event, more than 65 000 visitors from around 100 countries gather in Stavanger, Norway.