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AI Adoption in OT Cybersecurity

A Round Table Discussion hosted by                           Siemens Energy 

We kindly invite you to join the exclusive discussion about the advantage of AI in today's cybersecurity strategy in the digital transformation in the Energy industry

The Energy industry is undergoing a rapid transformation driven by the increasing need for digitization and connectivity to maintain operations and improve efficiency. Concurrently, the global cyber threat has gained in complexity and volume of attacks with an increase in targeted attacks on the energy sector, specifically in Asia. Efficiently improving the security posture of commonly a legacy and disconnected estate spread across a large region creates a complex challenge. How could new innovations leveraging AI help solve this specific issue relevant to the Energy Industry?


Siemens Energy is hosting a closed door discussion between industry leaders in Australia to share experiences and provide insight to the use of AI in cybersecurity in the Energy industry. This is an invite only even. Chatham House Rules apply, and all participants need to turn their cameras on. 


The round table discussion will be driven by the following leading questions.

  • How are enterprises dealing with the compliance challenges around distributed, disconnected and legacy assets?
  • How does an increasing need for digitization impact change your strategy and business operations?
  • What are the key challenges around cyber-attacks, and how can AI play a role to defend against those risks?
  • What innovative techniques can be employed to mitigate risk with minimal to operations?
  • How do you balance risk appetite vs. business impact costs?

Join us for this exclusive invite only event!

If you wish to attend the webinar, please reply to your contact at Siemens Energy.


Australia - Online only


Thursday, July 1st, 2021


03:00 PM - 04:00 PM CET

Our speakers at a glance

Leo Simonovich

Vice President and Global Head, Industrial Cyber Security | Siemens Energy


Leo Simonovich is responsible for setting the strategic direction for Siemens Energy's industrial Cybersecurity business worldwide to provide best-in-class cyber offers.

As a thought leader he frequently speaks on such topics as cyber governance, risk management, and organizational transformation in operational environments.

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Mex Martinot

Vice President and Asia Pacific and China Head, Industrial Cyber Security | Siemens Energy


Based out of Singapore Mex Martinot is responsible for driving the strategy and delivery of Siemens Energy’s Cybersecurity solutions to secure the rapid digital transformation in the energy sector in Asia and helping to stay ahead of the ever-evolving cyberthreat. 

He also leads the initiative to localize the cyber talent within borders in Asia by driving OT Cyber enablement programs across Asia.

Mex benefits from a diverse background in cybersecurity managed services ad cybersecurity consulting leadership roles.

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Sridhar Sudarsan

Chief Technology Officer | SparkCognition


Sridhar Sudarsan is responsible for driving SparkCognition’s product and technology strategy, leveraging next-generation artificial intelligence systems to secure and optimize assets across key industries. With over two decades of technology leadership experience, he has been at the helm of several complex products and projects, collaborating with global customers on cutting-edge technologies.

He is widely recognized as an expert on the business potential and application of advanced technologies. He provides thought leadership on AI solutions and patterns for clients, partners, academics, and R&D teams. 

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Your Host

Karthik Shivaprasad

Head of Go To Market India for Controls & Digitization in Power Generation Services | Siemens AG


Electrical Engineering graduate with over 17 years of experience in Energy and Power markets in area of Sales and Project Management.

Experience in working in multicultural / trans-national environment.

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