OIL ANALYTICS - correct reading of oils and their properties as well as analyses (blood count)

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Length: 60 minutes

Do you know the chemical condition of your transformer?

Well, there are numerous methods for early and reliable diagnosis of the transformer aging process.

In my TechTalk, I would like to introduce you to these examination methods and give you sound insights into laboratory diagnostics.

Our speakers at a glance

Stefanie Poernbacher  |  Engineer Technical Chemistry/ Materials Testing Laboratory  |  Siemens Energy

Stephanie Poernbacher studied technical chemistry in Nuremberg and graduated with a degree in engineering. Since November 2003, she has been working in the materials testing laboratory with a focus on oil analytics at Siemens Energy. Stephanie is frequently invited to give lectures on the subject of oil analysis, for example in Hamburg, Berlin or Ludwigsburg. Since 2007, she has also been a lecturer at the Technical Academy in Wuppertal, where she also mainly focuses on gas-in-oil analysis. The focus of her daily work is also the assessment and evaluation of in-house and third-party analyses as well as R&D. Stephanie has had a pronounced interest in this peripheral area of chemistry since her studies, especially in connection with the production of large electrical devices. Therefore, she has found the ideal combination of her areas of expertise at Siemens Energy. She is an absolute expert in today's TechTalk topic and looks forward to your participation and questions. 


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