SITRAM DIAG - On-Site Electrical Measurements, Regular Inspection and Troubleshooting

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Length: 60 minutes

This webcast is dedicated to the topic "SITRAM DIAG- Electrical measurements in the field, regular inspection and troubleshooting". 

We illustrate how extremely important it is to check transformers regularly and to perform electrical measurements, to detect the current condition. This is a precondition to plan further steps sensibly and to avoid unplanned failures. 

Our speakers at a glance

Marc Weber  |  Head of Transformer Field Services & Diagnostic  |  Siemens Energy

Marc Weber started at Siemens in February 2011 as Project Manager in Research & Development and has been part of the Siemens family ever since.

He soon became Head of Engineering & Diagnostics and later on Head of the Transformer Diagnostics Center. After the carve-out of Siemens Energy, he took on the role of Senior Key Expert for Transformer Condition Assessments and is now Head of Transformer Field Services & Diagnostics.

Mr. Weber has gained a wealth of experience in his Siemens career, from R&D to Diagnostic to Field Services, and is therefore a valuable and experienced speaker with different perspectives on Transmission Services and solutions.

He is also a working group member in the Cigré working groups JWG A2.D2.51 and WG A2.53.As our keynote speaker, he looks forward to answering your questions and exchanging ideas with you.

Leandro Favoretto  |  Product Manager  |  Siemens Energy

Leandro Favoretto started off his career with his studies ofElectrical Engineering and graduated also as MBA in Project Management.

With over sixteen years of experience at Siemens AG and Energy working in power transformer technology, electrical and mechanical design, project management and customer service. In recent years, he focused on product development at online monitoring and diagnostic services of power transformers and reactors, supporting customers in performing asset management in a professional and optimized manner.

Due to his vast knowledge, he will support Marc Weber during our TechTalk.


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