Wind Europe Electric City 2021, Copenhagen

Bella Center, Hall E, Booth D-21  |  November, 23 - 25

Bringing wind energy to homes – for tomorrow´s greener generation

Renewable energy sources such as onshore and offshore wind power are playing an increasingly important role in the energy mix and contribute significantly to reducing carbon dioxide emissions. But to face the challenges posed by climate change and to meet more and more ambitious decarbonization targets set by governments all over the world renewable power as a whole still needs to expand.     


Wind energy is at the center of this transition to a green and more sustainable energy supply. Meet our experts in person at this year’s Wind Europe Electric City 2021 and learn how our innovative products and solutions for the on- and offshore industry that cover the entire energy value chain enable you to bring wind energy to homes- for tomorrow’s greener generation.


We look forward to meeting you in Copenhagen, Bella Center, Hall E; Booth D-21! 

Siemens Energy supplies main electrical equipment for largest US offshore wind project

The 2.6-gigawatt wind farm, that will include up to 180 turbines standing slightly more than 800 feet tall, is the largest offshore wind project under development in the U.S. Once fully commissioned in 2026, the project will prevent up to 5 million tons of CO2 emissions annually and supply up to 660,000 households in Virginia.


Siemens Energy at the Wind Europe Electric City 2021

Wind power is making a major contribution towards a decarbonized and sustainable power supply. But the world’s hunger for energy requires a new generation of more powerful wind power plants equipped with innovative technologies. Get to know our dedicated environmentally friendly high-voltage portfolio of windtower applications which decrease current and cable losses while being compact and lightweight and our F-gas-free Blue products that contribute to a environmentally friendly and efficient energy generation.  


As pioneer in power transmission technologies, we are a competent and reliable partner for implementing grid access solutions in high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission, as well as high-voltage alternating current (HVAC) transmission. Our experts will explain the advantages of our essential electrical power equipment as a system for AC and DC platforms, bringing energy reliably and efficiently to shore.

Furthermore, we showcase our substation and grid stability solutions and demonstrate how digital connected products in wind turbine generators and electrical systems offer a comprehensive view on operational status and systems to optimize asset utilization and operation and therefore provide a major contribution to the reliable and affordable supply of renewable power.


We also present our grid consulting and networking planning services and our on- and offshore service activities to maintain and improve the availability, performance, and life cycle of your wind assets to bring them to operational perfection.


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