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Electrical power for all

Affordable and sustainable energy is a critical driver for growth and prosperity of a nation. Siemens helps societies to improve access to electricity. Electricity helps to keep people learning after sunset, to avoid and defend deseases, and to power businesses and creates jobs.
Every challenge is different

How to achieve the goal?

Each society has its own unique needs. Local conditions and the individual demand of electricity determine the project-specific approach. The following aspects should be considered for developing the roadmap for sustainable electricity 2030+.
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Egypt – Financing the € 6 billion power deal with the government

Prerequisites for financing (Egypt Megaproject)

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Technology should serve people. You see the purpose that shaped our company from the very beginning and that will continue to shape it in the future: We deliver innovative technologies that improve the quality of life for people all over the world. That’s how we serve society. That’s how we make real what matters. That’s the promise of the Siemens brand. And that’s what unites all Siemens businesses.
Joe Kaeser,  CEO Siemens AG