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The energy sector is undergoing an unprecedented transformation presenting challenges and opportunities. The demand for energy is increasing worldwide and at the same time, it is necessary to combat the effects of climate change and reduce CO2 emissions.

Each week on the Siemens Energy Podcast, we bring you conversations from some of the world’s cutting-edge leaders in energy. Our goal is to help you understand energy, the challenges we face today, and what the future holds. Subscribe today!

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Working Together To Accelerate the Energy Transition in Canada

The potential for success in reducing carbon emissions lies in the ability of different organizations to work together towards a common goal. Jacob Irving, President of the Energy Council of Canada, and Arne Wohlschlegel, Managing Director at Siemens Energy Canada, are an example of the impact such a partnership can have. The story of Canada’s pursuit of carbon neutrality is a template for how inter-agency cooperation can allow for a more efficient and sustainable transition to renewable energy.

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