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An important strategy in decarbonization is to find more carbon-neutral ways to use current infrastructure and technology. Efficient gas turbines with fast ramping capabilities that support renewables, and that set the stage for using low and no-carbon fuels in the future, is one of those technologies.


Two people who have been involved on the ground level of just such a project are Pratyush Nag, VP of Product & Business Development, 9000HL Gas Turbines at Siemens Energy, and Kevin Murray, VP of Project Management & Construction at Duke Energy. They are our guests for this episode of the Siemens Energy Podcast.


The conversation begins with Kevin explaining why Duke Energy has been interested in renewable solutions since 2005 and the progress it continues to make in this area.


Pratyush and Kevin also discuss:

  • Why utilities should foster innovation
  • How the turbine station both parties are working on can serve as a template for other companies, not just Siemens Energy and Duke Energy


You’ll also hear Pratyush and Kevin remark on the resilience of their teams during the pandemic.

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