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To move the world towards a carbon-neutral energy economy, technological innovation is a necessary asset. The systems required to implement hydrogen infrastructure, or store the electricity generated through solar power, are in many ways still in their infant stages. Success in the renewable sector depends on the further development of these technologies.


On this episode of the Siemens Energy Podcast, Vinod Philip, Chief Technology and Strategy Officer at Siemens Energy, discusses several areas where current technological developments hold promise for a cleaner energy future. Vinod views the following five technologies as keys to reaching carbon neutrality:


  • Energy storage
  • Hydrogen energy and infrastructure
  • Data analysis and digitalization
  • Energy grid resiliency
  • Long-term technologies, such as nuclear fusion


To bring these developing technologies to fruition, inter-agency cooperation is essential. The financial incentives and political will required to implement the fundamental infrastructure to these technologies pose the greatest challenge to success, according to Vinod. As he says, the available technology is not the problem. Rather, it is the ability to implement this technology effectively that may mark the difference between success and failure in the pursuit of carbon neutrality in the coming decades.

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