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The journey towards slowing climate change requires a reckoning with reality. There are truths about the current state of the global energy grid and its technological innovations that must be acknowledged before a meaningful path forward can be created.


On this episode of the Siemens Energy Podcast, we hear from many voices within Siemens Energy about the uncomfortable nature of the solutions to climate change and what that means for the work that still needs to be done to combat it.


Contributors to this discussion include:

  • Tim Holt, Member of the Executive Board and Labor Director at Siemens Energy
  • Rich Voorberg, President at Siemens Energy North America
  • Arja Talakar, SVP Industrial Applications Product & CEO at Dresser-Rand - a Siemens Business
  • Karim Amin, Executive Vice President Generation and Member of the Executive Board of Siemens Energy
  • Vinod Philip, Chief Technology & Strategy Officer at Siemens Energy
  • Linette Casey, Director - Power Systems Development at Siemens Energy
  • Chad Burke, Senior Vice President of Power System Sales at Siemens Energy


We can only solve a problem when we’re honest about the challenges it poses. Reckoning with the uncomfortable truths of technology, infrastructure, finance, and the climate is the first step in enacting meaningful solutions.

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