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While electric vehicles and eMobility get a lot of attention these days, it’s important to see how e-fuels complement eMobility and are helping to address decarbonization in the immediate future.


Dr. Michael Steiner, CTO and Board Member of Porsche, works with both e-fuels and eMobility on a daily basis and that’s why we wanted to speak to him on the latest episode of the Siemens Energy Podcast.  When he’s not working on these issues at work, he’s thinking about them when driving: he has a fully electric Taycan and an old-fashioned 911 GT3, which is conventionally fueled.


Host Amy Pempel starts the conversation by having Dr. Steiner explain the why of e-fuels: that they allow us to use our existing car fleet while addressing decarbonization.


Amy and Dr. Steiner also discuss:

  • The current renewable/fossil energy gap in Europe
  • How e-fuels are made
  • Details of a Porsche and Siemens Energy e-fuel collaboration in Chile

You’ll also hear Dr. Steiner’s explanation of how e-fuels help power many different industries besides cars. Enjoy!

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