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New Whitepaper: Residual utilization in fuel flexible gas turbines

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The industrial sector accounts for approximately 37 percent* of all energy used worldwide and a large share of global CO₂ emissions. Our Industrial Applications division plays a crucial role in helping customers transition to a lower-carbon world that protects our health and environment without compromising competitiveness, efficiency, safety, and reliability.

Creating sustainable value throughout the decarbonization journey

The transition to a low-carbon future is a journey with many steps. It will take time and require a range of both mature and emerging technologies. We help our customers navigate this dynamic journey by providing a strong portfolio of Rotating equipment, a full suite of services for that equipment, and Electrical, Automation, and Digitalization (R-EAD) solutions, systems, and services. 


*According to the International Energy Agency

Hydrogen compression – An integral part of the H₂ value chain

Hydrogen plays an essential role in a wide range of industrial applications and is increasingly becoming a decarbonization agent for the energy transition. Compression is the enabling technology for safe and cost-effective transport, storage and use of hydrogen throughout the value chain. This white paper explores the challenges of H2 compression and outlines its applications.

"The energy transition has given organizations opportunities across the industrial supply chain to leverage new technologies and drive towards a more sustainable and viable future. Siemens Energy is uniquely qualified to help our customers achieve these goals.”

Thorbjoern Fors, Executive Vice President, Industrial Applications

Hydrocarbon Processing | April 2021

Technology to drive decarbonization in the oil and gas industry

Interview with Thorbjoern Fors, Executive Vice President, Industrial Applications, Siemens Energy, about the decarbonization of the oil and gas industry and the technologies that are helping companies meet their sustainability goals.


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Siemens Energy is committed to serving diverse industrial markets by delivering innovative products, solutions, and services that address environmental, societal, and financial concerns.

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How to make an existing natural gas infrastructure fit for hydrogen operation

The 5th Virtual Pipeline Summit provided a comprehensive overview of a spectrum of challenges and solutions related to the "Digital Transformation in the Pipeline Industry". Listen to our hydrogen expert Peter Adam.



Fraunhofer Hydrogen Lab Görlitz – An important step towards energy transition

A new research platform will move into the Siemens Energy Innovation Campus in Görlitz at the end of 2022. In the future, new technologies for the production, storage and use of hydrogen for fuel cells can be developed and tested.

Read more about the new Fraunhofer project in the
Press Release of the Hydrogen Lab Görlitz

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Residual utilization in fuel flexible gas turbines

Optimizing operating costs, efficiency, and sustainability in the chemical industry

Find out how to become more energy efficient in chemical industry
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