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It’s a new industrial era in action, and we’re READ-Y to energize it. The industrial sector currently accounts for 37%* of all energy used worldwide and a large share of global CO2 emissions. Yet the world economy needs to keep going and growing. What’s needed are smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable ways of operating that can balance both a sustainable and reliable energy supply. 

Our Industrial Applications Division is the innovative, agile, and pivotal partner industrial companies can rely on to make both these priorities a reality. Our READ-Y portfolio includes mission-critical Rotating equipment that we maintain throughout its lifecycle with our comprehensive fleet of services, and Electrical, Automation, and Digital offerings that optimize both these equipment and services. These same technologies, combined with what we call the “Y” factor - continuous innovation in technology, business models, and partnerships – will help industrial companies decarbonize their operations at all levels. It’s how we are making tomorrow different today.


*According to the International Energy Agency

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Electrification in the petrochemical world

Dec, 9th 2021 - The electrification based on renewable energy has begun and is high on the agenda also in the petrochemical industry. During the webinar, we will provide insights in our approach both technically & financially to convert a steam turbine driven compressor train to a compressor train driven by an electric motor.

Join us to learn more about the benefits of replacing your steam turbine by an electric motor.

"The energy transition has given organizations opportunities across the industrial supply chain to leverage new technologies and drive towards a more sustainable and viable future. Siemens Energy is uniquely qualified to help our customers achieve these goals.”

Thorbjoern Fors, Executive Vice President, Industrial Applications

Hydrogen compression – An integral part of the H₂ value chain

Hydrogen plays an essential role in a wide range of industrial applications and is increasingly becoming a decarbonization agent for the energy transition. Compression is the enabling technology for safe and cost-effective transport, storage and use of hydrogen throughout the value chain. This white paper explores the challenges of H2 compression and outlines its applications.


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„Siemens Energy remains focused on customers as industry evolves”

Erhard Eder, Senior Vice President Service at Siemens Energy’s ‘Industrial Applications Division, describes in the November edition of the COMPRESSORTECH² Magazine, how decarbonization and digitalization have prompted significant changes in the aftermarket service of compressors.


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Residual utilization in fuel flexible gas turbines

Optimizing operating costs, efficiency, and sustainability in the chemical industry

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