Compression Modernizations & Upgrades

In today’s highly competitive market, efficiency is at the forefront of everyone’s minds.  Controlling costs, optimizing capacity, maintaining high reliability, and being able to deliver are especially important to your bottom line. 

Siemens Energy is focused on technology upgrades that provide mechanical and performance improvements. We understand this requires a considerable amount of engineering to define and execute on the solution. Whether it be total revamps of your compression system, improvements in dry gas seals, lube oil systems, rotors, or footprints, we deliver state-of-the-art designs that help you optimize your production facilities.  


Reducing maintenance costs, extending maintenance intervals through fewer leaks, improving reliability with the right valves, and lowering your emissions are a few examples of how we can make a big impact to your performance.


Modernization Services can enhance your efficiency.

  • Revamps of rotors and bundles
  • Driver, coupling and gear changes
  • Change from oil seals to dry gas seals
  • Polymer labyrinths
  • Footprint replacements of compressors and/or entire trains
  • Casings and full complete duplicate unit orders
  • Control upgrades


Upgrades that can make a difference to your reliability.

  • Sealing upgrades that affect performance - Halos
  • Mechanical rotor upgrades - hydraulic thrust disc
  • Coupling and bearings – Sleeve to tilt-pad, self-equalizing thrust
  • Dry Gas Seal upgrades
  • Fugitive emission solutions


Work with Siemens Energy, the global technology leader and service provider, and we’ll keep your compression equipment updated with the latest modernizations and upgrades. 

myAdvisor - Modernizations and Upgrades for your Rotating Equipment

myadvisor is an online service that provides digital support for our modernization and upgrade products. By inputting key machine information such as 'Machine Type', 'Industry', 'Operational Profile' and 'Year of Installation, myAdvisor can identify potential improvements specific to your rotating equipment. Any potential improvement possibilities that are highly recommended for your equipment are clearly displayed. Additional recommended offerings can be viewed and displayed by your operational priorities.

Visit myAdvisor