Dresser-Rand is now Siemens Energy

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Siemens Energy and Dresser-Rand have joined forces to bring you more products and services from a single dedicated partner. As part of the global Siemens Energy family, we can now deliver vastly expanded product offerings for the oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical and other process industries. These include compressors, drive systems, control and monitoring systems, engines, and turbines. Not only does this help you today, but it also opens the door to future innovation on a much larger scale—all to help you generate the results you want.


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Please note: we are unable to respond to third-party requests regarding pricing and availability. For modification and upgrade inquiries, use the button below to visit the myAdvisor online tool.
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myAdvisor - Modernizations and Upgrades for your Rotating Equipment

myAdvisor is an online service that provides digital support for our modernization and upgrade products. By inputting key machine information, such as ‘Machine Type’, ‘Industry’, ’Operational Profile’ and ‘Year of Installation’, myAdvisor can identify potential improvements, specific to your rotating equipment. Any potential improvement possibilities that are highly recommended for your equipment are clearly displayed. Additional recommended offerings can be viewed and displayed by your operational priorities.

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