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When power, steam, heating, or cooling are available to meet demand at all times, you have the ideal conditions for industrial manufacturing processes in your plant. In addition to greater competitiveness, efficient energy systems and facilities for industrial processes play a key role in decreasing operating costs and emissions. Are you ready for the future?  

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), our entire portfolio of products and solutions is at your disposal to supply reliable, economical, and environmentally efficient energy – for example with residual gases. Siemens Energy translates our company’s in-depth expertise with industrial processes into fit-for-purpose energy solutions and develops customized end-to-end business models along the entire plant lifecycle. Together we’ll shape the future of industrial energy.


This means that Siemens Energy is also an Original Equipment Consultant (OEC). Analyzing all processes lays the foundation for investigating potential and defining all Siemens Energy manufactured system components. Our comprehensive services – from planning and commissioning to lifecycle services – complement the generation of power, steam, heating, and cooling and power transmission.


Reliable energy supply for industrial processes

According to the International Energy Agency, industry is responsible for approximately 38 percent of total worldwide energy use. This means that a secure, sufficient, and sustainable energy supply is a key factor in the well-being and growth of our societies, while increased efficiency has a positive impact on the competitiveness of nearly all industrial sectors. And for some industries, becoming a prosumer – consuming, producing, and controlling self-generated energy – creates new business opportunities, including feeding excess power and heat into local grids and/or providing grid services.


Energy management for reliable processes

The energy-intensive industries comprising the tissue, board and paper, pulp, graphic papers, and textile segments are preparing for the future. They’ve already taken a leading role in the closed-cycle economy by making optimal use of resources, integrating waste products into processes, optimizing energy requirements, creating self-sufficient energy cycles, and using digitalization tools – but they still need reliable and more environmentally compatible energy supplies.


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Secure and safe energy supply in a competitive market

Reduced costs, greater production flexibility, more efficient processes, and increased plant availability are the factors that drive the players in the chemical industry. No matter what segment – petrochemicals, basic chemicals and intermediaries, specialty and fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fertilizer, or rubber and other plastics – they typically apply endothermal processes, and that’s where high energy reliability and availability go hand in hand with an increasing demand for energy efficiency. And of course, it must be safe and environment-compatible.


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Food and beverage

Efficient production – ensured by an optimized energy system

Extremely high cost and quality pressures and ensuring minimum environmental impact are major challenges for the sugar and ethanol, edible oils and starch, food processing, breweries, and dairy and other beverage markets. This means that their focus is on efficient energy systems. Reliability, eco-transparency, CO2 reduction, and protection of their power supply solutions are just as important as safeguarding the production process.


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Reliable energy with a green focus

With digitalization and the transformation of energy systems, two megatrends are merging to produce manifold interactions. Flexibility and security of supply, high electrical transparency, and grid stability as well as utilizing waste (heat) are the key drivers of maximum uptime and increased efficiency. They’re a priority for buildings and institutions, industrial parks, data centers, and every company that wants to recycle solid, liquid, or gaseous waste into energy.


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Ensure availability – optimize cost structures

Without energy in the form of electricity, heat, steam, cold, or compressed air there’s no industrial production for segments like mining, minerals (concrete, cements), primary metals (smelter), secondary metals and other materials, glass and ceramics, and general manufacturing operations. And without a stable power supply, there’s no competitive process quality and production. With the growing share of renewable energy, the need for grid stability and innovative distribution and storage components is also increasing. Utilizing residual heat and compensating network perturbations play an essential role as well in the reliability and profitability of plants.


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To improve your competitiveness, we work with our customers to co-create an optimal, future-proof energy system that’s grounded in our deep expertise with industrial processes, the energy sector, and business modeling, including financing.
Dr. Stefan Diezinger, Vice President Industrial Business
Fuels and technologies

Support for your energy transformation

Grid infeed: Power supply systems in flux

Cost efficiency, grid stability, sustainability, and resource efficiency are the most important requirements for today's energy systems. By using new components, communication technologies, and innovative network concepts, power supply networks are being transformed into highly digital and automated smart infrastructures.

Industrial processes: Understanding the issues

Understanding our customers is key! With Siemens Energy Original Equipment Consultancy, our customers get just the support they need for a stepwise “green revolution” – in but not limited to heat-driven process industries.
Thomas Tiemeyer, Manager Industrial Business Sales

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Model showing the new, highly efficient combined cycle power plant that Siemens Energy is going to build in a resembling form at the Marl Chemical Park
Press release | June 17, 2020

Continuing a succsessful partnership: a new combined cycle power plant gives Evonik a future viable power supply

Siemens Energy will develop and build the highly efficient power plant turnkey project as the general contractor fully financed by Siemens Financial Services and the KfW IPEX-Bank.
Once completed, Marl VII and Marl VI will be able to generate electricity with an overall efficiency of more than 93 percent and a capacity up to 270 megawatts: This is equal to the demand of approximately 750,000 households

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