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In today’s economy, container vessels are one of the most important ways to deliver cargo. Time pressure and difficult weather conditions determine the everyday routine of commercial ships. To master such harsh circumstances, these ships require propulsion systems enabling excellent operating economy, high energy efficiency, outstanding reliability and maximum safety in order to be successful in today's ever competitive markets.

Container vessels

Reliable cargo transportation

Cargo ships pay for themselves through their freight and through efficient, on-time transportation. By providing the most advanced technology and tailor-made services, SISHIP helps you to fulfill these demands, and to stay on top of the competition on a long-term basis. You profit from increased efficiency and safety, but also benefit from higher profitability, availability and environmental sustainability.

Always on time with SISHIP

As the largest ship of the United Arab Shipping industry, the container vessel UMM SALAL is an impressing example for the challenges that cargo ships have to master. With SHISHIP, efficient on-time transportation and operational safety are always provided. The UMM SALAL benefits from a waste heat recovery system made by Siemens Energy to generate electrical energy from the ship’s exhaust gases. With its dramatically decreased CO2 emissions, the UMM SALAL is a shining example for economical efficiency and environmental friendliness.


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