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Commercial ships require propulsion systems enabling excellent operating economy, high energy efficiency, outstanding reliability and maximum safety in order to be successful in today's ever competitive markets. Those are the main areas that SISHIP products, systems, solutions, and services focus on to help your cruise liner stay competitive in today’s and tomorrow’s marine market.

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Electric Propulsion/Drives

Electric Propulsion/Drives

Podded Propulsion

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Where comfort meets efficiency

Passenger ships need to comply with a vast variety of demands. SISHIP provides solutions that help assure your ship’s outstanding performance in the market. The benefits are reduced fuel consumption and increased process efficiency. Your ships also profit from outstanding operational reliability and safety, availability and scalability as well as maximum competitiveness and sustainability.

Highest versatility in every aspect

Ship owners and operators, passengers, crews, service staff, authorities – they all place great demand in your ship's infrastructure and equipment. Among these are maximum convenience, efficient propulsion, safe and simple operation, and highest availability.


SISHIP fulfills all demands from one single source. Our integrated solutions encompass all onboard systems, from automation through energy supply to propulsion. SISHIP solutions feature a modular design, based on reliable standardized components.


Pearls in comfort and efficiency

Siemens Energy marine solutions power the most renowned cruise liner on the seven seas.


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