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Passenger transportation on a new level

The right technology is crucial to success in the ferry business today. To stay competitive, your passengers’ well-being is not the only task on your ferry’s journey over the seven seas. All relevant electrical drives and systems must work together to ensure operational safety, maximum stability and optimized performance of the systems. 

Automation & Control

Electric Propulsion/Drives

Electric Propulsion/Drives

Podded Propulsion

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Customer Services

Ferries and passenger vessels

Passenger transportation with future-driven technology

As international environmental regulations get stricter, it is essential to count on future-proof technologies and concepts. With electrical propulsion systems, ferry transportation is on its way to green sailing while still operating with utmost efficiency and comfort for both staff and passengers.

Maximum speed without a noise

When travelling on a ferry, passengers have high demands in terms of comfort. Vessels like the electrical car ferry Ampere cruises the open sea almost without a noise – the perfect vessel to relax and enjoy your ride. Not only the passengers, also the staff benefits from electric propulsion systems as they provide excellent dynamic response from zero to maximum propeller speed. Increased safety because of improved maneuverability contributes to a comfortable operation of the ship.


There are also benefits regarding to design arrangements on board. The modular construction of a diesel-electric propulsion system permits a flexible location of on board units leading to more available space, and a new freedom for optimum design of the vessel. Silently sailing across the waters with maximum speed and beautiful exterior design – what more can a ferry passenger wish for?


Green concepts for safety and passenger comfort

Explore our pionieering environmentally friendly and economically efficient solutions for the most renowned ferries on the marine market.


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