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Perfect vessel management

Prepared for rising complexity

Nowadays, the complexity of on-board systems is increasing more and more. Finding a failure in a complex system is a complicated task and requires a deep knowledge of the used technology. The technical staff on board a vessel has to work with a variety of systems and on a wide range of technical tasks. And because the technical staff on board is changing frequently, marine systems have to become less complicated and easier to work with. 
Digitalization with SISHIP EcoMAIN means optimizing ship operation and saving operational costs.

Fleet management with SISHIP EcoMAIN

An important enabler for professional and transparent asset management support is SISHIP EcoMAIN. This comprehensive solution represents the latest developments in advanced digitalization within marine operations including enabling truly comprehensive services via Remote Support Apps – to name the least of several customer and operator support options.


The proven web-based data application SISHIP EcoMAIN enables optimized fleet management by collecting and processing the operational data of all the relevant on-board systems and equipment. In applications (Apps), it enables the identification of potential areas for optimization in terms of efficiency increases or the implementation of best practices, and gives ship operators and crew targeted assistance when it comes to decision making.

Green fleet management with SISHIP EcoMAIN

SISHIP EcoMAIN lays the foundation for efficient ship management on board and for green fleet management, which permanently ensures and improves the competitiveness of your fleet.
Technology for a green future

Taking ferry transportation to a new green level

Siemens Energy offers various innovative and future-driven technologies that are already in use. Explore our technological masterpieces all around the world from the first electric car ferry to our innovative and future-shaping propulsion system SISHIP BlueDrive PlusC. With our forward-thinking solutions, the future of green shipping has already begun.
Maneuverability goes green

Flexible movement with podded propulsion

When facing the requirements for environmentally friendly and ecologically efficient shipping, propulsion systems are major key elements. Electric pod systems like the SISHIP SiPOD-M are widely used on diesel-electric powered vessels where very high levels of maneuverability, efficiency and reliability are required

SISHIP SiPOD – efficient diesel-electric propulsion system with twin or mono propellers

Sailing open waters is an extraordinary task for every vessel. Not only the ship itself, but also its propulsion systems have to operate on the highest level of performance. The SISHIP SiPOD-M is the podded system of choice for vessels with demanding requirements in terms of open water performance and efficiency. The SISHIP SiPOD-M is equipped with an optimized strut which prevents vibrations and increases course stability. The hydrodynamic efficiency is even further increased thanks to the slim propeller hub and streamlined design.


Cruise ships and other large passenger vessels, mega yachts as well as special vessels with specific ice class requirements benefit in particular from the advantages of the SISHIP SiPOD-M. With such high efficiency and reliability, sailing open waters becomes a more secure task for crew and passengers.


Follow our innovative technologies on their journey around the world

All around the world, shipyards and shipping companies trust in our proven, yet innovative and state-of-the-art technologies. 


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