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Safe and reliable operation with SINAVY

Naval surface vessels place the highest demands on equipment and crews. It is absolutely vital that their technical systems combine maximum performance with ultimate reliability, availability and stability to ensure the staff’s safety and operational success.

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Electric Propulsion/Drives

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Naval surface vessels

Always staying on target

Navy budgets are limited, both for new construction and life cycle management. As a result of the changing deployment roles and new security-related conditions, the requirements on naval vessels are increasing with regard to availability, reliability and readiness. Can anyone afford to ignore the big picture and loom at individual systems, process steps, or the life cycle as if they were seperate issues?

Integrated solutions for the Navy

Conditions for navy surface vessels are very special. They demand holistic solutions that ensure the utmost safety for the crew as well as maximum reliability and stability of the systems.


With Siemens Energy marine solutions for naval vessels, you benefit from maximum performance and efficiency, highest reliability and availability, as well as a long life cycle and low maintenance. Trust in leading technologies that extend your ship’s scalability, adaptability and sustainability.


A beacon of stability and ecological efficiency

Follow our leading technologies as they set new standards for naval surface vessels.


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