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Reliable performance and efficiency even under stormy and rough conditions

Siemens Energy delivered the first modern diesel-electric propulsion system to a Norwegian Offshore Supply Vessel in 1996. Our extensive know-how in all fields of power generation, conversion and distribution, drives and automation were used to full effect onboard.

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Offshore units are subject to a variety of unknowns. The demand for more specific, high-capacity solutions increases and there is little margin for error in the market. As a result, all onboard processes are facing strict requirements as to availability, safety and profitability. The success of offshore operations is therefore closely linked to the performance and reliability of the technical systems.


There are several reasons why almost every new supply vessel has electric propulsion. The tasks of a modern supply vessel mentioned above, shows that a low utilization of the peak installed propulsion power is common on the basis of operations close to platforms or standby duties. This operation profile gives the electric propulsion system a huge advantage compared to a conventional propulsion system.


With an electric propulsion system the number of engines in operation will berestricted to the actual number needed for restoring the energy balance. This also means that the engines will run with optimal efficiency and with that save energy and thereby the environment.


Perfect power offshore in action

Learn how a broad variety of different offshore vessels already profits from powerful, efficient, and highly reliable Siemens Energy marine solutions.


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