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Ship Owners Day 2023 in Hamburg 

 Solutions for the decarbonization of shipbuilding



Dear Sirs and Madams,

we cordially invite you to our upcoming Ship Owners Day 2023.



Here is where the industry experts from all areas of the maritime industry meet. At this year's Ship Owners Day, you will experience approaches to decarbonization in person. We will show you exciting case studies from the alternative fuels sector, state-of-the-art electric propulsion technology and POD technology.

Experience our HoloLensRemoteService.

We will be conneting live to a cruiser for remote service.

Thursday,  September 28, 2023

from 12:30 h – 18:00 h


Elbatelier Hamburg

Neumühlen 11

22763 Hamburg

Expect exciting contributions on the topic of "Solutions for the decarbonization of shipbuilding".

Let's start now!


starting 12.30h    
Get together / Check In 
13.00h - 13.30h


Matthias Schulze, Leitung Siemens Energy Marine Hamburg  



Dr. Reinhard Lüken, Hauptgeschäftsführer VSM

13:30h - 13:50h

Technologies for innovative ferries    

Solution for Decarbonization      

Jens Heyer, Managing Director Navalue GmbH (Custom Ferry Design & Consultancy) 

13:50h - 14:10h 

Decarbonization in the cruise industry

The climate protection roadmap of TUI Cruises 

Wybcke Meier,Managing Director TUI Cruises GmbH

14:10h - 14:30h

DC Solutions for the future

BlueDrive Eco System – Efficient, safe and reliable by using alternative energy sources (battery, fuel cells) 

Marvin Rust, Siemens Energy 

14:30h - 15:00h

Coffee break

Exhibits & Expert Talk – POD-Propulsion, DC-Solution, Fuel Cell

15:00h - 15:20h 

Liquid Wind - Power-to-Fuel   

Engelbert Schrapp, Siemens Energy 

Claes Fredriksson, Founder & CEO-Liquid Wind Sweden

15:20h - 15:40h

eMethanol application example - Superyachts

Life Ocean (onboard clean energy and no-noise) project 

Torsten Brandt & Frank Beckmann, Siemens Energy  

15:40h - 16:00h

 SISHIP SiPOD - Siemens Energy POD Propulsion     

 The new benchmark in efficiency and performance 

Uli Bauch, Siemens Energy

16:00h - 16:20h

Operational cost reduction through implementation of Digital Services

Jens Stelter, Siemens Energy

16:20h - 16:40h

Live Session: Remote Service

HoloLens live connection to a cruise ship

Christian Krause, Siemens Energy

after 16:40h 
 Networking - Food & Drinks 

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Then we are looking forward to welcoming you at our Ship Owner Day 2023.


Please understand that the number of participants is limited.


The event itself is free of charge and we will be taking care of your physical well-being.


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