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As a technology leader in the field of marine solutions, Siemens Energy has equipped more than 150 submarines with electrical platform systems for the German Navy, the Nato and other nations. Our solutions prove to be innovative, yet state-of-the-art so that your submarines meet the high expectations in terms of their performance underwater as well as on the surface.

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Electric Propulsion/Drives

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Perfect performance under the sea

Unlike any other ships, submarines have to perform on the surface as well as underwater. This poses very specialized challenges for both crew and systems, therefore absolute reliability and stability of the equipment are vital not only for the staff’s safety, but also for the success of the mission they are on.

Holistic solutions for special situations

Submarines demand very special equipment, as they operate under extreme conditions. Our integrated systems take over and monitor routine tasks on board, assuring operational safety in any situation. All essential functions on board, such as automatic remote control of the propulsion system, energy management, auxiliary power units or battle damage functionalities, are monitored and controlled centrally. Thus, faulty processes are avoided and an optimized operation of the submarine is always secured. This means not only maximum performance and efficiency, highest reliability and availability and extremely low signatures, but also a long life cycle and low maintenance. You benefit from the leading sustained technologies and allow maximum scalability, adaptability and sustainability for your submarines.


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