Asset Performance Management for Oil & Gas (APM4O&G)

Reliability made simple

Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions?

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How can I avoid costly downtime?


Knowing how equipment fails allows you to make the appropriate maintenance decisions at the right time.

Proactively avoiding equipment failure is what separates a profitable O&G business apart from the rest.

How can I get the best performance out of my assets?


Truly understand how your assets function and come to fail.

Only then, you can push your assets to their limits while keeping asset health in check.

How can I eliminate unnecessary operations & maintenance work?


Firefighting can only get you through the day while more important problems are waiting to be solved.

Take a step back and with expert help take back control of your maintenance priorities to meet difficult production targets.

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Did you miss our virtual live event for Asset Performance Management program for Oil & Gas (APM4O&G) on September 17, 2020? Here you have the chance to listen to presentations on the benefits of this program for your daily business, experience use cases and be part of a panel discussion with our reliability experts. Watch the recording and learn about Reliability Made Simple!
It is not an if, but when - every piece of equipment is finally going to fail. The key is to get ahead of it.
Pavan Prakash, Oil & Gas Portfolio Manager

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Business case

Find out how APM can help you in your Oil&Gas business

*Based on actual AssetWise case study; individual results may vary

APM Model Library in a nutshell

APM is a tool-enabled transition to reliability-centered maintenance and risk-based inspections. Core of the system is the model library consisting of these elements:

Assets to be prioritized and selected based on criticality

Assets classified by criticality, considering aspects on

  • Health & safety
  • Environment
  • Availability
  • Reputation
  • Production
  • Economic impact

Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) 

In the Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA), potential failures of the assets and associated effects as well as required (corrective) tasks will be described.


Failure Mode

Defines the event that causes an asset to fail to perform its function. For example, if a pump’s impeller becomes worn, the pump cannot convey liquid at the required rate.


Failure Effect

Defines the consequence of a failure mode. For example, when a pump’s impeller becomes worn (failure mode), the flow through the pump declines until it no longer delivers liquid at the required rate.


The Siemens Energy APM model library can help to effectively manage a variety of indicators that can be implemented tailored to your needs:

  • Online indicators: data taken from the DCS or other integrated data sources
  • Manual indicators: data taken e.g. from manual inspection rounds
  • Rule-based and/or calculated indicators: All rules can be combined with and/or for the rule-based indicators 

Health Index

The health Index aims at giving an indication on the overall condition of the assets.


Health Index (HI) overview:

  • The HI is determined by evaluating several factors that are critical to the operational health of the asset
  • Each critical factor is weighted during the HI calculation so that the relative value of each factor can be adjusted
  • Available information could be used as possible influence factors, e.g., filtered data, indicator readings or calculations, amount of alarms

Remaining Useful Life

The remaining Useful Life can indicate the remaining time that an asset may be able to function before required replacement.


  • The remaining useful life is an estimate of the amount of remaining time that an item, component, or system is estimated to be able to function in accordance with its intended purpose before economically required replacement
  • The remaining useful life is estimated based upon filtered data, indicator readings or calculations, amount of alarms, cost information, etc.

Questions and Answers

APM4O&G helps you avoid costly downtime, get enhanced performance out of assets, and significantly reduce unnecessary operations and maintenance work using reliability centered maintenance.

A hybrid approach of out-of-the-box model library using some of the diagnostic features of data-driven approach.

The solution can be set up both on cloud or on premise.

Full performance results will take a 12-month cycle.

Siemens Energy APM4O&G project execution approach is unique in terms of integrating Siemens Energy OEM experience with your operational context.


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