Manning Modernized

Fewer People, Safer Results, Better Business

How can we extend the lifetime of a field and help the oil and gas industry make significant steps to decreasing costs, improving safety, increasing uptime, and lowering emissions?

Fewer Expert Mobilizations

With 80% of offshore accidents caused by human and organizational factors, companies are constantly seeking ways to protect its employees and focus is increasing on protecting the environment. This has never been more critical than in times of COVID-19, decreasing people density to reduce risk & enable social distancing. Learn more about how connected worker technology can empower offshore teams to collaborate in real time with specialized onshore experts.

Analytics for Maintenance Campaigns

A holistic maintenance strategy needs to be developed with the support of predictive analytics to detect potential failures early and thus reduce the need for corrective actions. This would then eliminate need for manual, regularly planned maintenance and empower the customer to use their data to operate and plan correct, campaign based maintenance, avoiding unnecessary maintenance. OEM root cause analysis can also be made available to the customer, accelerating responses to abnormal situations.

Design & Automation Mods to replace inspections

Redesign to reduce manual and operation maintenance tasks by designing changes to automate routine inspections and operator actions.

Extended MTBO

OEM expertise to maximize MTBO with flexible maintenance intervals based on operating conditions.

Lower Downtime

Remote Diagnostic Services for real time OEM analysis to reduce downtime and maximize performance.

Secure, Remote Operations

Cyber security has become a new risk factor, one that can be mitigated by applying solutions that defend the OT infrastructure. And like other equipment and industrial digitalization offerings it is most effective within a trusted ecosystem with cyber security partners where you can focus on your core O&G business and the cyber subject matter expects can proactively implement mitigating actions from lessons learnt across various industries.

Remote operation centers can be made functionally equivalent to local control centers. A disaster recovery mechanism needs to be set up to ensure that the system is able to recover and continue operations in case of negative events. To ensure data protection, data archiving solutions integrated with the disaster recovery are essential.

Lower Emissions

There is a lot that the industry could do today to reduce the environmental footprint of its own operations. Uncertainty about the future is a key challenge facing the industry, but this is no reason for companies to “wait and see” as they consider their strategic choices. Minimizing emissions from core oil and gas operations should be a first-order priority for all, whatever the transition pathway.

Transformation Consulting

We recommend a consultative approach to build a customized and integrated roadmap for your low manning needs. Here we can offer:

  • Conduct as-is assessment and benchmarking of electric systems, control systems, EIMS and business processes
  • Identify initiatives for reduction of on-field manpower
  • Project investment required and calculate business case
  • Prepare a coherent implementation roadmap and change management plan
  • We request a dedicated discussion to provide a deep-dive into our consultative approach