Real-Time Production Optimization (RTPO)

Siemens Energy's RTPO solutions address today’s industry challenges and opportunities by leveraging advances in computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and state-of-the-art optimization technology.
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Optimizing production from sandface to sales export

In the majority of upstream production operations today, individually defined KPIs are isolated and siloed across wells and process plants. Several separate models are needed to optimize the production value chain and the results of one model do not necessarily consider the constraints of other models.


Siemens Energy has developed a real-time solution for optimizing production from sandface to sales export. Real-Time Production Optimization (RTPO) leverages the trends of low-cost computing, IoT and state-of-the-art optimization software to enable complete oilfield modelling from the sand face to sales within a single unified optimization model. Now upstream companies can maximize oil production while minimizing gas lift, flare, energy consumption or other constraints.


The Real-Time Production Optimization solution helps reduce deferred production by moving more oil, condensate or gas from wells to sales export. This does not require any new equipment and is offered as an annual subscription service.

How advances in digitalization provide new opportunities to increase production

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What's the value of Real-Time Production Optimization?

Typical improvements in oilfield production are in the 2-8% range. In addition, RTPO runs fast. This allows quick re-calculation of oilfield setpoints to maximize production in the event of field equipment upset.

Key benefit areas are:

  • Increased production without investment in equipment and with minimal impact on staff
  • Minimized production losses during field upsets
  • Ability to do “what if” scenarios
  • Re-optimization at the push of a button
  • Incorporation of all aspects of the oilfield from sand face to sales in a single model
  • Optimization model reflects today’s operation of the oilfield, not a theoretical model or an AI-trained black-box model
  • Simple operator interface allows field staff to make the best decision based on latest information


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Real-Time Data-Driven Production Optimization

In a data-driven world, a solution to provide a comprehensive overview of asset performance represents an opportunity to optimize production holistically. However, this understanding of complex systems requires the consideration of data from multiple sources in real time. 


Siemens’ development of a powerful digital twin model is at the heart of a system of real-time production monitoring and optimization. Using the integration of data, simulation and visualization of the entire value chain – from subsurface equipment to central processing facilities – production can be potentially increased by 5 to 10%.

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