An innovative data-driven risk management platform

MyFleetRisk leverages real-world engineering expertise to quantify and visualize oil and gas customers’ gas turbine fleet risk profile. For the first time, it provides transparency of an OEMs risk information across an entire gas turbine frame type applied to a specific end user fleet providing both risk and criticality to customer operations. The risk visualizations are delivered via a web-accessible cloud-based platform.  


MyFleetRisk facilitates both the prioritization and proactive resolution of risks before their failure instigation across an entire operating fleet. This fusion of technical rotating equipment expertise with fleet operating experience, combined with the end customer's unique operations insight, enables a powerful mechanism to identify, assess and address equipment risks.


The platform delivers an asset hierarchy-based navigation to provide an intuitive means to understand risks at a unit, plant, site, or fleet level. Equipment with a high-risk level is quickly identified and with linked solutions immediately accessible -- formalizing both calculated and experiential decision making into an impactful digital service.

Key Features

  • Real-time visualization, prioritization, and recommendation of mitigation action
  • Active monitoring of risk
  • Option for customer to add own risk
  • Communication channel between AGT and customer
  • Fly Forwarding: Ability to project/forecast future risks based on embodiment schedule of recommended mods and fixes
  • Potential to be used by customers for planning and scheduling of mods and fixes