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Unconventional Oil and Gas

Improve efficiency, reduce emissions and increase your competitive advantage
What Do We Do?

Integrated Solutions for Unconventional Challenges

Our unique power solutions are designed to reduce emissions and noise associated with hydraulic fracturing and an A.I.-based application to help you preempt the failure of artificial-lift systems in tight oil and gas plays.

Electric Frac Solutions

We developed our Siemens Energy Electric and Mechanical (SEAM™) portfolio, so we can offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical solutions to support hydraulic fracturing in tight shale plays. Core to our SEAM offering are highly compact, turbine-based, modular drive trains designed to provide scalable onsite power by using natural gas fuels that are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly than diesel.

Fast Power

Mobile Power Solutions

Power to the grid in six months or less. In many areas of the world, the population and economy are developing rapidly – which means that the demand for electrical energy is also increasing at the same pace. With our Fast Power portfolio that is based on standardized configurations, we’re offering solutions that can provide gas turbine generation capacities in just six months or less.
Embracing Digital Transformation

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Oilfield Data

The Digital Oilfield has emerged as a powerful tool for improving efficiency, reducing costs, and unlocking hidden value in hydraulic fracturing and pressure pumping applications. With an extensive software portfolio and expertise in data analytics, Siemens Energy is uniquely positioned to help operators optimize the performance of mission-critical oilfield assets – including mechanical drives and artificial lift systems.


AI4ESP our autonomous well surveillance solution for remotely monitoring electrical semi-submersible pump (ESP) performance that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict failures up to 12 days before they occur. The solution is vendor-agnostic and standards-based and is specifically designed to overcome the limitations inherent in conventional ESP monitoring solutions on the market today.


Its “self-learning” model aggregates and analyzes operating data (real-time and historical) from a variety of sensors. The more data it ingests, the more intelligent it becomes. The application labels ESP behavior profiles based on their applications and environments. In addition to being able to detect performance anomalies in a single ESP, behavior profiles can be used to alert operators of ESP issues in similar applications and environments, delivering advanced notice of an event prior to it affecting production.

Fracking 2.0

Siemens Energy's extensive suite of pressure-pumping solutions include wireless monitoring and controls, along with remote diagnostic technology. With these tools, operators can collect and analyze equipment data in real-time, with alerts to flag operating anomalies.


This can provide actionable intelligence for condition-based monitoring of equipment, even from afar. In turn, operators or their service providers can enact more precise, less costly condition-based maintenance models, leading to less downtime and greater asset utilization. Cloud-based digital services and analytics via Siemens MindSphere can also be deployed. This way, data can be gathered and analyzed across entire fracturing fleets to continually optimize operations.

Digitalizing Electrification

Siemens Energy has the unique ability to offer an extended electrification package that includes oil and gas software for compressors, drives, motors, skids, automation, e-shelters, sub-stations and transformers. Our comprehensive digital product suite enables operators to streamline interfaces, reduce risk, and leverage data to increase their competitive advantage. 


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