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Clean water. It’s critical for human life and human health. It’s critical for business and economic growth. Yet it’s increasingly viewed as a limited resource. Meanwhile, shifts in technology and an evolving regulatory environment, coupled with increasing production and operational demands, pose new challenges for a variety of industries. From cost concerns to regulatory compliance, from environmental challenges to environmental protection, we are here to partner with you—helping you meet your operational needs of today and your vision for tomorrow. Together, we’ll execute the solutions you need for a long-term strategy and lasting business results.
Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Biological treatment, hydrothermal treatment and oil/water separation

Let us help you find the right treatment solution for wastewater discharge/reuse and process water treatment, in addition to spent caustic treatment.

Biological treatment solutions

If you need biological treatment of wastewater for recycle/reuse, or to reduce your operating costs, meet strict discharge and toxicity effluent requirements, minimize the effects of frequent shock loadings, eliminate non-biodegradable compounds, enhance nutrient removal processes, solve air emissions problems or increase your capacity without increasing your footprint, our PACT® family of systems and solutions are designed to meet your toughest challenges.




Applying simultaneous fixed-film biological treatment with activated carbon polishing - the newly-released Siemens PACT(R) AGR process

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Hydrothermal treatment solutions

Our hydrothermal treatment solutions, including Zimpro® wet air oxidation (WAO), electro-oxidation (ZEO) and catalytic gasification (ZimCat); and wet air regeneration (WAR) are backed by decades of process and application knowledge.


A lower-cost approach to treating low-volume refinery spent caustic streams

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Oil/water separation

Our oil/water separation experience is also extensive. For primary separation, we offer API separators, corrugated plate separators and solid/liquid or liquid/liquid hydrocyclones. For secondary separation, we offer both dissolved and induced air/gas flotation; and for tertiary treatment, our Monosep™ walnut shell filter and PerforMedia™ oil removal media are specially-suited to meet your needs.

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