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Solutions for Difficult-to-Treat Wastewaters

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Rothschild's Refined Research

A look at the unique development process used within Siemens Energy - Water Solutions, Rothschild, Wisconsin, USA for hydrothermal and biological treatment, and more.

Industrial Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

We can meet your water treatment requirements

Water is a resource and a byproduct of all that we do – a critical element in offshore, onshore, upstream and downstream activities. Our core business is processing and treating water and wastewater for companies like yours. Our oil and gas business includes water treatment technologies, total water treatment solutions and water treatment services. We address your specific needs, from simple products to complex, fully integrated solutions, from beginning to end.

We understand your challenges. We have the experience to help.

The treatment and management of industrial wastewater is becoming increasingly complex as you work to keep pace with global standards, energy demand and environmental regulations. Rely on us to be your water solutions partner.

Ethylene and Chemical Plants

World-class spent caustic treatment solutions

We’re a world-leader in the treatment of ethylene spent caustic. Our hydrothermal treatment solutions, including Zimpro® wet air oxidation (WAO), electro-oxidation (ZEO) and catalytic gasification (ZimCat); and wet air regeneration are backed by decades of process and application knowledge.

Next Generation Spent Caustic Treatment

Learn more about Zimpro® WAO followed by advanced biological polishing treatment and the advantages over alternative technologies, expected effluent quality, and use of this technology to increase fresh water recovery.

Spent Caustic from Ethylene Production 

Spent caustic from ethylene production is characterized as a toxic and odorous wastewater, primarily due to its high sulfide content. Consequently, treatment can be a challenge. For more than 25 years, Siemens has addressed this challenge using Zimpro® wet air oxidation (WAO) technology as pretreatment for biological polishing. Siemens has developed a method for directly treating spent caustic to avoid contamination of the remainder of the wastewater with its high dissolved solids content. 

Downstream Refining and Petrochemicals

From discharge to reuse, we have your solution

Advances in technology and an evolving regulatory environment, coupled with increasing production and operational demands pose new challenges for a variety of industries. Let us help you find the right treatment solution for wastewater discharge/reuse and process water treatment, in addition to high-strength wastewater treatment.

Upstream Oil and Gas Production

Solutions for upstream operations

Contact us today for offshore and onshore produced water treatment for discharge or reuse. We offer decades of produced water treatment experience applying our corrugated plate separators and solid/liquid or liquid/liquid hydrocyclones for primary treatment; dissolved air/gas flotation with our Brise™ pump and Spinsep™, Veirsep™ and Combosep™ systems for secondary treatment; and tertiary treatment using our Monosep™ walnut shell filter and PerforMedia™ oil removal media.

Life Cycle Management

Aftermarket parts and service – and more

With services aimed at the entire life cycle of your project – from early, front-end engineering and EPC functions to services during plant operations – Siemens Water Solutions can improve your plant’s performance and increase your uptime.

Services and Rentals: Our Offshore Services can help maximize production and lower cost.

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