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Customizable wastewater solutions
Pharmaceutical and Chemical wastewater treatment solutions

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technologies

Siemens Energy Water Solutions has a portfolio of specialized technologies that can be coupled with commodity technologies when necessary to provide unique tailored solutions specific to the challenges of the pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing industries.
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Siemens Energy

Providing Tailored Wastewater Solutions

Unique Technology Portfolio

Wet Air Oxidation (WAO)

• With and without catalyst

• Oxidation in the liquid phase using air or oxygen

• 50+ years of experience

• Global references

PACT Integrated Solutions

• Biological Treatment of wastewater enhanced with activated carbon absorption

• Re-use and recycle of wastewater

• Onsite sludge destruction and carbon regeneration

• Removal of active pharmaceuticals 

Zimpro Electro Oxidation

• Will mineralize all contaminants to highest oxidation state

• No handling of strong chemicals

• Only requires electricity and cooling water as utilities

• Destroys PFAS compounds

Application Development Capabilities

  • State of Wisconsin and EPA certified for most analyses
  • GC – Gas Chromatograph
  • HPLC – High Performance Liquid Chromatograph
  • IC – Ion Chromatograph  • Carbon Analyzer (Combustion)
  • ICP – Induced Coupled Plasma • SEC analysis – Molecular Weight distribution
  • Mercury analyzer
  • Wet chemistry analyses including: TKN, HEM, NH3, CN, Phenols, COD, solids, BOD, nitrates etc
  • Oil & Grease Analyses – HEM 1664A, TPH, TD-500
  • Online Canty and Jorin Particle Analyzers
  • Method Development
  • Scanning Electron Microscope – equipped with EDS element identification

• Bench Scale & Field Treatability Studies

• Gravity Separation

• Air/Gas Flotation

• Aerobic and Anaerobic Biological Treatment

• Media filtration

• Activated Carbon-Enhanced Activated Sludge

• Membrane filtration

• Metals Removal

• TDS Removal

• Wet Air Oxidation

• 1,000 m2 pilot testing facility

• 2,000 m2 Indoor facility allowing operation of pilot scale equipment

• 3D printing capabilities for rapid production of prototypes

• 2 different scales of continuous flow Wet Air Oxidation pilot systems with various configurations and materials of construction

• Field pilot equipment for produced water treatment and biological processes. These units include hydrocyclone, flotation, walnut shell filtration, PerforMedia filtration, PACT, PACT MBR and Wet Air Regeneration and Zimpro Electro-Oxidation

• United States EPA permitted for receiving, storing and noncommercial treatment of hazardous waste 

Life Cycle Management

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