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DCS for new power plants

Give your controls project the thorough mindset it deserves

Building a power plant is a real challenge. The project is inherently complex. And it is often put in the hands of contractors, such as EPCs, plant manufacturers or architect engineers. They in turn need partners who are proficient in meeting the given requirements. Finding solutions, implementing them smoothly, and getting the plant started on schedule: During these phases, it’s often the people who determine the project’s success. Seasoned professionals who bring all their talent and experience to the forefront, people who can think on their feet, come up with smart ideas, and work tirelessly to ensure the optimal performance of the plant. These are the people who reliably deliver Siemens Energy DCS technology, individually engineered for your power plant.
In the early project phase, my main task is asking the right questions and listening. I take the time to understand every single requirement of our customer, their customers, and the future plant operator.

Your benefits from perceptive experts working with Omnivise T3000

I handle thousands of different interfaces, competing systems and the hundreds of people behind. So I don’t shy away from pointing out an uncomfortable truth. And I fight for a feasible solution.

Turning your requirements into a plan that works

We start out by listening. Because we know how important it is for every single project requirement to be crystal clear before the project begins. And our experience has taught us that many of these requirements are not necessarily spelled out in technical specifications. Once your needs have been clearly understood, our trusted team is able to assess the feasibility early on and pinpoint factors that could influence the overall project. These steps are necessary to ensure that we can come up with a control technology concept that is robust and meets the needs of everyone involved.

Breathing life into a complex control technology plan

We know that coordinating the construction and equipment of a power plant is a sophisticated task. We are here to help every step of the way. We start by coordinating interfaces in a way that makes sense. The engineering of your plant benefits from simulation functions that are intrinsic to our control system. And from our attentive team you get thinking that goes beyond milestones and mitigates risks. Another watchword for them is flexibility, because sometimes changes are inevitable. We don’t leave you high and dry once the factory acceptance test is over. Even after installation, adjustments can be implemented (and reversed) quickly and easily.

Making start-up a success for your power plant

It's time to get your power plant up and running! Siemens is here to lend a helping hand during all aspects of commissioning too. Our engineers work together in cohesive teams to make sure that control technology does what it is supposed to and that everything runs smoothly. With in-depth technical expertise, we support commissioning engineers. Together, we can get process technology up and running. Also part of our portfolio are IT security services, even during commissioning, and assistance with certifications (such as functional safety and failsafe).

A power plant commissioning means a lot of pressure for all parties involved. It’s the best feeling when our joint efforts lead to start-up at the first go.

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One of our many successful projects is Samcheok Green Power Station units 1 and 2 in South Korea. Our customer there, KOSPO, reaps the rewards of optimized asset management thanks to Omnivise T3000's single engineering and diagnostic database and smart field devices. Our partnership with KOSPO also included an operator training simulator that helped to improve efficiency and effectiveness in the control room.


When can I help with your power plant project?

Power plant performance is enhanced by combining tried-and-tested, stable technology with persistent innovation. We partner with you to unlock many benefits: Our proficient experts will make sure that your new power plant project incorporates all of the operator's control technology requirements and that everything runs like clockwork. Get in touch with us today, so we can start working hand in hand to make your project your next success.