CHP-Combined Heat&Power

Broadly available electricity and heat is what makes our modern industrial civilisation possible. Today, the challenges posed by climate change, environmental protection laws and fluctuating prices mean that future-oriented businesses must strive for energy efficiency. One of the most efficient and reliable systems for providing both electricity and heat is the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) system. Over the years, Siemens Energy has developed extensive experience and a solid reputation in the design of CHP solutions according to the most stringent requirements demanded by the market. Siemens Energy cogeneration solutions are not only a perfect ally in high energy demand processes, but also meet the strictest performance and availability requirements, always complying with the lowest emission levels. There is a wide range of possibilities in which the installation of a CHP system is a great advantage from the energy point of view. From industrial processes, such textiles, ceramics, food or laundry, to applications in commercial buildings or hospitals with high heat demands, the CHP provides flexibility in terms of energy production.   CHP systems are available for different gas qualities such as natural gas or biogas when installed in WWTP plants or landfill facilities.