'Zero Harm Culture'

Safety and health, top priority - Zero Harm

The protection, prevention of health and safety are the basic principles in our company and integral elements of all our business processes. Siemens Energy has been working for years to ensure maximum security for its partners and project partners. All services are provided with special attention to safety and health in the framework of the corporate program 'Zero Harm' ('zero accidents'). Whether on the turbine deck, in the factory, or in an office, safety is a daily priority. We are not only committed to an environment of work safety, but we demonstrate it by adhering to the strictest safety standards. Our aspiration is to achieve 'zero accidents' every day, every day, for our employees, customers, our subcontractors and the entire industry. We aim to involve all people so that they are able to identify any danger and report it immediately, and even stop work if necessary. To do this, Siemens Energy has short, medium and long-term training programs and offers refresher courses on a regular basis. Those responsible for carrying out tasks that involve any occupational hazard, however small, have to know perfectly all the protocols of action and safety.

What is 'Zero Harm'?

Principles of Safety at work

  • Zero incidents is possible: Everyone must be able to work at Siemens Energy without suffering any incident. Anywhere. At all times. This is our goal.
  • Without compromising health: Prioritize job security over time and cost pressures and any other aspect that may compromise it.
  • We protect each other: We work with our eyes wide open to detect dangerous or dangerous situations at the moment and take care of each other.

Safety is an attitude

Equally important is to encourage a change in attitude among employees themselves. A policy of prevention of occupational risks is not sustained if they are not involved in the identification of any type of danger. Only then can they report it to those responsible. At Siemens Energy, we encourage closeness and direct communication with our employees and, in the event of any possible danger to them, the activity is completely stopped until it is resolved.


Not only that, but also to make a detailed study of the work incidence, the given solutions and the effectiveness of them. The lessons learned serve to improve protection mechanisms


All these processes become more relevant in the most risky projects, such as the construction and maintenance of power generation plants, wind farms and industrial equipment. For example, in all the power generation plants operated by Siemens Energy, the day begins with the 'Take 5': a brief but fundamental process (of about five minutes) for safety, in which each team reviews and reviews all the processes and works that are going to be carried out with a double objective: to gain in security and in health, while the quality of those works is increased.