SGT-A45 mobile unit (aeroderivative gas turbine)

Outstanding solution for fast power

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    Most powerful mobile generator on the market

    Dual fuel and low NOₓ capability

    Highly mobile by land, air, sea

    Modular design for fast installation

    Outstanding power density

    High availability through flexible service offerings

    Simple cycle power generation (ISO)
    up to 0 MW(e)

    Electrical efficiency: up to 40.4%

    Do you need power quickly?

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    SGT-A45 mobile gas turbine

    SGT-A45 mobile unit brings fast power to Afghanistan

    We teamed up with Bayat Power, a company of the Bayat Group, to bring mobile power to Afghanistan. 

    A complete gas-fired power plant, centered around the SGT-A45 mobile unit, provides electricity for approx. 200,000 homes in the province of Jowzjan in northern Afghanistan – a first step towards energy independence for the country.


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    The world's most powerful mobile gas turbine

    A dependable supply of electricity is at the very base of good living standards and economic growth. Several areas of the world continue to require the fast deployment of power solutions to quickly restore and upgrade a damaged or inadequate infrastructure, supporting developing economies or emergency disaster relief. With site installation in less than two weeks and an outstanding output of up to 44 MW(e), the SGT-A45 mobile gas turbine unit offers a cost-effective, dependable solution to these needs. Based on proven aeroderivative gas turbine technology, the SGT-A45 achieves the highest power density and fuel efficiency of all mobile power plants on the market. It can operate at either 50 or 60 Hz and offers a highly flexible solution for a wide range of applications.

    SGT-A45 mobile unit highlights

    The SGT-A45 achieves significantly higher power output and fuel efficiency than any other mobile gas turbine unit.

    This translates into direct savings in initial capital investment (US$/kW) and operating costs (US$/MWh).
    With these features, the SGT-A45 mobile unit offers you the best economics for fast power solutions.

    The SGT-A45 mobile unit utilizes trailer-mounted modules which can be rapidly deployed by air, land or sea and are pre-commissioned at the factory in order to reduce the installation on site to less than two weeks.
    The unit can generate electricity for 50 or 60 Hz power grids without any hardware modification.  

    The SGT-A45 is built with proven parts and advanced technology which has continuously been improved through extensive operational experience. The gas turbine utilizes proven components from both the Rolls-Royce Trent 800 with 28 million hours in flight and SGT-A65 (Industrial Trent 60) with more than 1.5 million hours in industrial applications. Considerable track record in naval marine propulsion completes the experience pedigree of this gas turbine technology.

    The performance advantage of the SGT-A45 mobile unit is amplified in hot climates: At 30 °C and in 50 Hz operation, the SGT-A45 still retains almost all of its ISO-rated output, without any auxiliary water injection. When water is used for low NOx emissions (25 vppm with gas fuel and 42 vppm with liquid fuel), the output rating curve is essentially flat, with virtually no loss in power output across an ambient temperature range that extends beyond 40 °C.

    No hot lockout or hot standby: Following shutdown from full power, the unit can perform a normal restart at any time. This is an inherent feature to the SGT-A45 gas turbine architecture, and does not require any additional equipment or special procedure.

    Thanks to its aeroderivative architecture and the fast-responding agility required in flight, the SGT-A45 can complete a start from cold to full load in less than 8 minutes. From its use in aerospace it also inherits the ability to perform a very high number of start/stop cycles without impacting the durability of its parts.

    Evolutionary design with a proven pedigree

    The SGT-A45 engine core builds on the proven pedigree of Siemens aeroderivative gas turbines, utilizing Rolls-Royce aero engine technology.
    It is derived directly from the SGT-A65 (Industrial Trent 60) core engine by removing the low-pressure compression module. The result is a compact gas turbine ready to be trailer mounted as a mobile unit, and yet characterized by exceptional power density and fuel efficiency. You will benefit from proven components with millions of service hours accumulated in flight as well as in industrial and marine applications.
    The unit can generate electricity at either 50 or 60 Hz without any modification, and without a gearbox to match turbine and electrical generator.

    Plug-and-play unit installed in less than two weeks

    Every aspect in the SGT-A45 mobile unit is conceived to speed up and simplify installation on site. All the essential gas turbine auxiliary systems are trailer mounted at the factory, which reduces the necessary balance of plant equipment to a bare minimum. In addition, each SGT-A45 mobile unit is precommissioned and fully tested at the factory, minimizing the scope of commissioning at site. The trailer-mounted unit is driven to its installation site, requiring minimal civil works preparation.
    Thanks to these and several other features, the SGT-A45 mobile unit can start producing power to the grid in less than two weeks after arriving on site.

    A complete fast power solution

    The SGT-A45 mobile unit is designed to make commercial operation of the complete power plant as fast as possible. With most systems already commissioned at the factory and the balance of plant equipment scope much reduced, the cost and schedule risks in site installation are minimized.

    High availability by design – supported by tailored service solutions

    Our comprehensive portfolio of services provides low life cycle cost and optimum performance throughout the turbine’s life cycle: Long Term Programs (LTP), overhaul service, field service, spare parts, service exchange, remote diagnostic service, and modernization and upgrades.

    Whether for scheduled service or short-term support, our specialists are there for you, onsite all over the world. We can offer several levels of service plans for the SGT-A45, adapting to your specific requirements to provide the optimal service solution and highest levels of reliability and availability.

    Dual-fuel flexibility

    The combustion system of the SGT-A45 is identical to that of the SGT-A65 WLE. Its standard design features dual-fuel capability and offers the flexibility to switch between gas and liquid fuel automatically in all operating conditions.

    The engine, equipped with WLE burners, is capable to burn up to 100 vol% of hydrogen (H2).

    Predictable maintenance regime

    The SGT-A45 gas turbine keeps the same maintenance regime when operating with gas or liquid fuel.

    Low-NOₓ capability for gas and liquid fuels

    Where required, the SGT-A45 mobile unit can operate with optional water injection to achieve low NOₓ emissions of 25 vppm on gas fuel and 42 vppm on liquid fuel.

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    Technical data

    Technical data for the SGT-A45 mobile gas turbine

    SGT-A45 / 50 Hz: Performance data for simple cycle power generation

    SGT-A45 / 60 Hz: Performance data for simple cycle power generation

    Physical dimensions and weight

    Note: Length, width, and height as installed


    The SGT-A45 is suitable for the following applications and industries:

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