Dynamic Virtual Plant Insider

Dynamic Virtual Plant Insider

A pocket guide to power plants

In the future, autonomous power plants will require almost no on-site personnel for service calls. When needed, service personnel will be drawn from a central standby pool that’s jointly maintained by multiple power plants. However, these employees will be less familiar with local conditions and will need guidance. That’s why Siemens Energy started creating an indoor navigation system as a smartphone and desktop app that uses augmented reality to guide service technicians to the precise deployment site, while also displaying the latest control technology data – even without GPS or an Internet connection. If a situation becomes dangerous, the app also guides them to an assembly point. A fully functioning laboratory version already exists, now we need you to test the app in an actual plant.

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What can you expect from us as a pilot user?

The Dynamic Virtual Plant Insider (DVPI) with the extension Pi Remote Operator (PIRO) connects the real plant DCS or power plant simulators with AR/VR Applications. Therefore we scan the real power plant, locate tags, connect to the DCS System to show live data in AR/VR/MR and enable human and machine navigation. Also jumpmarks to TecDocPower and other web based systems can be incorporated.


The benefits of Plant Insider include: 

What do we need from you?

We need you to get some feedback on our app to be able to develop it further. Ideally you have a laser scan of your plant or a CAD drawing and your team is using Android tablets and mobile phones in your plant.